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No sense of operational security?! Come and say that to all of me, you basilisk bimbo!!
"Bonk Bonk, on the head" is going to be my new catchphrase.
You realize now with that claim to fame,
Sheila is going to be the pack mule for Reece's shopping trips.
And all the while, Sheila is probably thinking 'I should have moved faster to choose a different head... ewww...'
And another reason why I'm glad I'm on Wendy's good side. ^_^

*makes a note to pick up a case of mouthwash for her, anyhow. Poison goop breath must be nasty on the halitosis meters.*
*hugs* Merry Christmas, DD.
I've seen kitsunebutt.

Whatever the outcome, I think I'm the winner. ^_^

Also GO WENDY! *splits into a cheering section*
Whatever she is, she's pretty.

@Marshal Banana: The IC version is: Non-Violent magic is inherently more powerful than Violent magic.

The OOC version is likely: Couldn't afford extra pages to keep the battle prolonged. :)
I knew Sheila was magical, but I didn't know her NUNCHUCKS were magical enough to break out of panel frames! O_O
I'm pretty sure he just wants to give big, big hugs.

Yup. That's his unleashing. Hug the world.

I gotta admit, I like Brittany's moxie. She's not cowering, and asks him to rage outside. :)
So Sheila = Moe, Ally = Larry, and Reece = Curly?
@Cubist: Well, glad to see you got your butt in gear, despite there being more of it than normal, Mist-taur Cubist. ;)
@Cubist: If that were to happen, would that cannon be canon?
@Marshal Banana: Pretty sure Prismo is a pacifist. And... a coward.

But he's such an adorable coward! :D LOOK AT THEM EARS DON'T YOU JUST WANT TO RUB THEM ALL DAY.

... ahem.
@Salen Just like that Star Trek Captain, Sean-Look Petard!
Look out Brittany! You drip that ice cream in that color hair and you'll never find it again!

And poor Khan :(
"Don't sell Prismo 'Short'"

"My Dear Angie?"

Moving kinda fast there aren'cha, Prismo?