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I'm almost 21 now and I'm still a complete dork for online comics and I imagine I will continue to be for another several years. :3
I've been attempting anime/manga style art for the past six or so years and I like to think that I've improved.
Unfortunately, I'm the type of person who needs to have a huge plethora of hobbies and projects at all times, so I've been having trouble keeping up with the two comics I've started here. I've had the same problem in the past with so many stories I've come up with; I start writing, but then I either get bored with the concept for else become disgusted with my own work and cast it aside. I say this only because I AM sorry that I do not update regularly like so many of my favorite artists. But I'm working on it, I promise.

The SAG comic is something I intend to finish, sooner or later. So when I have time I intend to write it a proper script and begin drawing again. (starting with redrawing the comics I've already posted... -_-')

Anyway, enough stuff that you aren't going to read anyway for now. Adieu!
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While I sadly did drop off the map for this comic- I still haven't given up on the concept. It's still a story I want to tell, just... I apparently do not function well with the 'just do it a page at a time and we'll see how it goes' method.

I've actually had a pretty bad case of artblock for the last half year so I was super pleasantly surprised this afternoon to suddenly sit down and turn this out out of the blue. Even if it's not finished I'm quite pleased with how it looks. (Best kid I've ever drawn for sure.)
The last two panels made me spontaneously giggle. That is not an easy feat to accomplish.
November 17th, 2010
This may just be my favorite page. :3

Okay, just kidding, but still. Quite entertaining all the same. And the over dramatization fits the story.
I'm incredibly amused by the phrase "DIE BY SCISSORS" being in bold.
Baka baka baka.
Alcohol is a *depressant* Aito...
Lol, I'm guessing he doesn't know the reason for their untimely demise.
Otherwise, 'whoa, heavy' is just so insouciant as to be painful...
*raises hand* That'd be me, thank you.

I dressed up as a guy and went to a football game with my friend. I barely even tried, and a bunch of giggling girls started hitting on me. -_-;
In retrospect, it was hilarious, but I couldn't believe that they actually thought I was a guy.
You know... as I myself have gotten better, I have found myself growing disillusioned with many of the works of artists whom I used to admire. But I still love your drawings, sketchy as they are! X3

We understand that the comic isn't really on your high priority list, so do it when it's fun and we shall continue to enjoy. : )
Ah! I really like this page!
Having detailed close shots are important too, but I think that that far-away minimalized shots like this are generally undervalued. : )
O_O *literally goes into a coughing fit from laughing so hard*
I'm sorry, but the tiny Cid in the bottom corner completely ruined it for me! X'D
So much drama and epic posing, all completely irrelevant compared to that random face!
I know it's a page marker, but still..! *cracks up again*
*just finished rereading the archives*
Gawd I love this comic.
I don't think I ever noticed before how very good you are at illustrating creatures, and I am fond of your usual coloring style as well.
Glad to see an update and look forward with great anticipation for the next one. ^_^
December 5th, 2009
I has a question for Deian!
Is Pompi an easy author to work with?
ie: Is it pretty easy or does Pompi tend to write a lot of scenes that you and/or the other characters would rather not do?

Also, do you have a favorite word? (If so, what is it?)
0_o I want that shirt.
"Full Frontal Nerdity", that's awesome. :D
I think we've all been waiting for this for AGES... : )
So I'm really liking this so far, the first chapter made me giggle. : ) I hope to read the rest soon.
I like this pic, but his eyes seem a little... wonky. Like they're not looking at the same thing. Otherwise, bien!
*is laughing so freaking hard*

Lol, I'm sorry, but I just imagined someone telling me that, and I think I'd freak. IT'S SHADY. :D
Oh YAY!!!
I was hoping we'd get to see her again! ^_^
August 15th, 2008
*is somewhat confused*
... He's diabetic? <--- (shot in the dark)
Oh, do you mean that whole 'You kill me as soon as my last request is fufilled' thing, Liana? :-P