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Chapter 29!!
And so i start uploading chapter 29! Lot of important revelations!! Enjoy!
End of chapter 28
This one took a while to translate but its finally done! enjoy and see you in chapter 29!!
HELLO GUYS. I'm back ate translating my comic! Enjoy!!
Begins chapter 28!!
Hello guys! And this is the cover from chapter 28!
Enjoy the reading!
End of chapter 27!!
Took a long time with this one! But only because i was so busy with the portuguese version that is already at chapter 37 and its on a really interesting story arc!
See ya in the next chapter!
Hello guys! I'm back after three mounths without uploading a page! Been busy with the portuguese version that is actually ten chapter's ahead! XDD
But here i am uploading my 500 th PAGE!! Yeaah!
Hope you like!
O Começo!!
A capa de StuntRay Walter's wish!
Espero que gostem!
Boa leitura!
Great mangá style!
Begins chapter 27
Hello guys! I will start uploading one of my personal favorite chapter! "Walter's response! This was the chapter i notice the most obvious evolution in my drawings! So if your reading let me know what you think!
This was one intense chapter! We finally know who the vampire Dhémins are! But we still don't know why they had taken Walter's daughter with them! And why Alastor had divided his own power with random humans? Is there a reason?
Will Walter do something about this? Next chapter will show a new event in Walter's past!
So don't miss it!
November 10th, 2015
She look fiiine! <3
November 10th, 2015
hello! Can i ask you to enable the "continue from where i left of" button please?
Would like to continue reading your story!
Begins chapter 26
Cover from chapter 26! This chapter is special and have more pages!

Enjoy this chapter full of suspense!
End of chapter 25!
And with this scary image of Alastor i end up uploading this unexpected chapter!
Brutal twist and things are about to get worst...

Walter's past is about to reach its darker part! What will happen to his daughter now? Will she be a victim of the dark matter too... like her friend...?

Tomorrow i will start uploading "The loss" one of the most important moments of Walter...
See you tomorrow!
Great page! I love their ride!!!
This page is gorgeous!
THIS LOOKS SO COOL! I really love the colors!
Begins chapter 25
Today i'll begin uploading chapter 25! This was an chapter that marked my return after 2 years without drawing! So some drawings can be a bit shifty!! hehe

So here it go! Enjoy :P More pages will be posted today!
End of chapter 24!
And here it his! The final image of chapter 24 that toke me forever to translate! (still with a few erros)

We are almost finding out what really happened to walter's daughter!

Things are going to became even more serious!

See you guys in the next chapter!
After a month i finally uploading a page! Been really lazy so if someone was waiting i'm really sorry!