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BAZ Zerfire
@Vilecheese: And then Jeff responds with "Good to hear Jackie, because it's a mental challenge rather than a physical endurance challenge."

Still would have preferred Darkwing Duck to appear and take down Bonnie.....Or bounty hunters armed with shotguns.
I'll laugh if during his drunken slur he did use that nullifier and wrote down Matt's name, that would piss him off even more if he fails to get immunity this round.
Heinz was the only one with the brains here today. Jackie and Iraenus went running off forgetting the car had to cross the line, not them.

I loved Jackie's smoke comment. And Johnny realising the fatal flaw in the car designs, no steering.

Definatly a challenge to remember.
How anyone can work with Malik is beyond me. Good thing Alice did because Xero was going on a one man team save there.

Hmmm, it's hard to say who'se to blame for the failure of this challenge. Nobody could have expected Jackie to manage with just two pegs. Knowing Shaniqua, she'll bitch at the tribe to dump Johnny and somehow blame him for losing the challenge, despite Xero saying he would do it alone.

And the currrent both realise that SWSU is just going to delete the posts, right?
I think Penny is missing the point about being a villian. The best villians are able to hide all traces of their evilness and then reveal it all when they've won. So really penny's off to a great start...unless she wants to be known as one of many villians who tried and failed to win survivor.
and thus it begins. Definatly an interesting twist to this season with the mutiny idol. There is a question I have though. If say someone uses the stone to defect, does that mean for that round no one else can defect to the same tribe till after TC? Or is it unlimited defecting?

Either way, nice knowing you jackie. Keep that attitude up within the challenges and you'll be kicked off the island on your ass.
SFC7, The season of the Clown.
Hahaha, the underdog won. Bow down to the clown.

Also, look at the sour faces. Wrecker and the bitch Chloe showing their true colours one last time. I do not remember seeing any sour faces in the other final episodes.

Oh and Vile, there is a possible consolation. If SWSU does Heroes vs Villians, Wrecker will most likely get called up. He has more balls than most villians if he's willing to yell 'Screw the rules, I'm Wrecker'.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that Skazz get's one last laugh at Assell. And Ryuia is smiling at it.
Chloe, i give you the title of '2nd dumbest player of this season'. You just rammed the backstab knife into your own back now, because you can't play both sides secretly, you have to be bloody obvious.

I hate the fact that Vent is going to have to deal with Chloe but really, she has to go. The panda bitch has outstayed her welcome.
Ok, screw politeness
Hate, hate, hate, HATE THAT FAT FUCKING BASTARD!!!!! Seriously, he's worse than craig. At least Craig had funny moments.

The annoying part is you said only normal eliminations happen, and that's annoying because Russel, in my eyes doesn't deserve to be eliminated the normal way.

I know a lot of people want the ventrilous group to split before merge, but you know what? Keep them together. I hope they pull off a mega blindside on him.

Also I'm silently hoping the next survivor who get's eliminated instead of that fat bastard uses his troll face as an extinguisher.
Someone's got a chip on their shoulder. Though Chloe's going to learn the hard way that making noise about nothing equals elimination.

Though I see Ventious also struggling as a leader. Good guy so far but that just means your leadership will be undermined.

Question is, if it's bad here, how is it on the other tribe, where there's an alien who'se overtalkative.
And the gloves are off and the guys haven't even reached the darn island. I smell bitching and namecalling on the horizon.

Also, Gambler island?! Please tell me one of the tribal councils has no elimination votes and is instead decided by a spin of a lucky wheel. That would be an epic and humiliating elimination.
Haha, the asshole is back. Gotta have vinnie in all stars. And with Mary in we have our villain, well one of them.

With the third season coming up I'm hoping we get baxter in the all stars. Imagine him trying to control Vinnie?

And as for the canon one, I hope it isn't sluterva. Make it P.Bear
Hogan and Wendy return, YES. While I hate craig because he's always off in lala land he'll still provide some cheap laughs.

Still so far I like the cast lineup, looking forward to season two's second chancers. Let's hope we don't get the incest twins.

I do hope Minerva doesn't come back. Never have I hated someone in SFC more than her. Mary I'll gladly take, and Bulma.