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Nicknames: Jenny, Jen
Hobbies: Drawing, basketball, watching anime XD, piano, reading
Occupation: I ISH A STUDENT 8D
Personality: Can be kinda shy, but I believe I ish caring towards the people who are my friends :3 I also hope I'm intelligent XD

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oo i see i see *nods* MOAR! :D
lol plz bear with me ^^; apologies for the nonexistent editing
I love all the action in your comic :D Keep it up!
your drawings are beautiful, of course we all love it! <3 you deserve moar fans :P
omfg it looks so bad ;n;
I...I...need my laptop ;n; and scanner ;n;

Just wanted to keep the story going, since I have so many pages drawn and ready to be scanned (but there's no scanner ;n;)

lol I keep complaining don't I ^^;

@Kamica: thank YOU for reading <3
@ Ccrystal: thanks! ^^
beautiful art!!! i love your manga! Whatsa happen next? ;3
lol i really love his disguise, plus holding the fishies xD What's gonna happen now? :O
helphelphelp! D: What's gonna happen to them?
Why didn't I do this earlier T^T

LOL anyway forgive me for the lack of tones, I'm still trying to download Paint.NET and in the meantime I'm using MS Paint to edit ;n; it sucks.

But..I am not dead (:
whoa, okay, unexpected guy xD
can't upload pages D:
garghhh im hating my life without my laptop and scanner ;n;

I've drawn like loads of pages for WNK but I can't scan them or anything to get them uploaded ;n; and I don't have my Paint.NET program either so im being a noob and using ms paint xD

but i won't abandon this comic of course. I'm jst gonna have to wait until I get my laptop fixed and everything sorted ;n;

thanks for the support <3
lol oh those fishies xD kani is hilarious <3
naww he's chuckling :P <3
omgg this is exciting! I really wanna see how the two characters meet :P
I really wanna read more of your story! :D I wanna see what his graffiti looks like :P
omigoashes...wat's he gonna do now? :O
wowza...evil sharpteethed centipede thing equals no no D:
yes yes do draw more :D

the eye in the last panel is so pretty! wonder what's gonna happen next :P
have fun at the expo! :D I love your drawings so much, keep updating but take your time (:
i love your use of tones (: great story! can't wait to read more! <3