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Actually Fleetway's was regarded as the most evolved and engaging story of the liscened material. It's plots and stories were amazing when it got into it's run, all while keeping ahead of Archie that took several years to catch up where Fleetway officially ended.

SatAM is simply the most well known. But SatAM is just in regards to the cartoon based on the Archie comics, a lesser form of it. The reason why it's held in such high regard? It was darker and more mature... and it's only competition of the time was Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Underground.

If you remove the licensed material and go just with official material, all three major areas. Japan, Europe and America all had their own individual stories for the games in the manuals, for those that even read them. Adventure onwards merged it all and not just the japanese one. Otherwise Eggman would only be Eggman. Yes they stopped calling him Robotnik, but they still called his Grandfather Robotnik through it all.
Why do you think I stopped coming here to comment let alone making new strips for this one. Was hoping this could of been at least a more serious comic to entertain than going this low for a laugh >.>
I kept planning to make a comic, but now I'm glad I'm not an admin here.
Because the penis jokes just make this comic terrible and pathetic to be honest. =[
I think it was fairly obvious the countdown was for the cannon and nothing else. Afterall, thats an ending sure... but not a complete ending, still need an epiloge at the end.
You've really got Levi down perfectly for her personality ^-^
Just wait until Sonic realises she's 12 or so
CursedBluto, although that is a spelling error thats probably been fixed. Being Immoral IS a blessing. It means you can do what needs to be done regardless of the method and consiquences.
As such this is the way an anti-hero works. They can kill someone (even an innocent) for the greater good. In a way it can be argued their morals are just different and they know that it's the best option. But regardless they'll be seen as being immoral but the majority.
Unclever title....
Gospel IS Trebles Japanese name. It was used in the english versions of Battle Network too for some reason instead of Treble.
All fair... except children from the age of five and less already know that word and so many more -.-

Lets face it, media made in the 80's wasn't as censored. We watched Terminator while children with blood, violence, swearing and of course that small sex scene. We turned out alright.
Now the over use of censorship is actually promoting these things and more than that, making them seem more trivial and nothing to really care about... so people learn to do it more because it's no big deal.

oh and True Mercha, we all know he godmods all the time, but we love that. Know another godmod that actually can write a script? Nah I thought not ^_^
I simply don't have the time to do this any 24hour councilor ontop of college and other responsibilities.

Also no one ever helped out here trying to keep good track of the sprite sheets. They just posted their links in the comics coments rather than putting it in the sprite section or the news archive. Seriously, it makes it a lot harder to make an author comic when you don't have the other peoples sprites and have to search through all the submissions >_<
Should of done this 6 years ago, because thats when I retired from using The Games Factory ^_^;
I never responded to the message on Live because I don't own a 360. That was on my friends Xbox, I asked him to check where I was on Fable II and Star Trek.

As for not doing anything yet, understandible. But I had a large comic being made and SOMEONE decided to skip the rest of the battle to make some big 200 thing ¬_¬

Been suffering depression for years and a friend of mine attempted suicide not too long ago. Hense my being distracted >_<

And Jace, Fainte needs another comeback. Chris has been posting there a little recently, but it would be great if we could actually stop it dying... again. ^_^;
You've got to tell us your method for the resize. The effect looks good.
Edit Master
Zero wasn't killed before the copy body. His body was stolen while it was being analysed by one of Ciels ancestors.

Also Zero never officialy died in Zero4, he's officially listed as MiA, Missing in Action. Infact the Rockman/Megaman Zero Complete Works, SPECIFICALLY says his fate is unknown. (and the BioMetal was BASED on Zero, not made from him like the Weil one was).
Oh no... King's planning on using the Islands defenses. Either the the islands ability to discharge blasts and beams of Chaos Energy (Fleetway Comics), or use the Islands energy shield and use it as a base (the thing can go in space, or course it has a shield).

Some nice work on the background. You wouldn't be willing to share this at all would you? I doubt I'd personally use it but I know people would love to use this.
Spoiler (for a game you REALLY should of played by now)
jtubbesi: Omega isn't Zero's real name. Weil built Omega and Omega when defeated took over Zero's body. It was all explained in the complete works and in the game itself. (the fake body was made for Zero AFTER Omega took his).
Zero is only called Omega in fan material.
Ouch.... Quint just shot down Sonics pride... third direct hit ^_^
I have a feeling neither Robotnik or Wily are going to highly agree to this... at first
Guess I didn't get to finish my part for the big 200. Oh well, you guys are in the ship, guess this means I can clean up the left overs back at Barney
What combo with Cervantes? He's always been my secondary character in all 5 main games (going back to Soul Blade on the psx). I never use a repeated combo with him.

My main is Seung Mina though, she's the best. Most powerful single attack in all the games. ^-^
Well Duo's not exactly still dead anymore... for the time being. >_<