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I'm here to have fun.
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Aww! What a cutie. yuy
Oh wow, badass. I really like her! ♪( ´▽`)
So, guessing it's ok if I do this?
Guy and a gal, because I can't get enough of either.

Allie McKay
19 ½
Panromantic Asexual
She's mute, from a severe lung injury which damaged her vocal cords in the process. Other than her inability to actually speak, she's recovered pretty nicely. She communicates by way of ASL, which is translated when need be by her friend Casey, here.
She's pretty gung-ho about everything she does, and has problems putting other people's feelings into consideration. Nevertheless, others see her as a generally well-meaning person.
Currently on vacation, living with her best pal for a month or two.

Casey Jackson
Normal as normal can be, though his parents weren't exactly the most sweetest guardians one could get. Sort of lazy, a pretty big coward. What a catch! A high school dropout who wants more than anything to get back to school, but can't bring himself to make the effort. Oh well, his choice.
He met Al in his junior year, and they've been inseparable since then!

They're both sort of dorks, and both really all about this band whose symbol of which they're wearing. It's basically the only thing they can't fight about.

Sorry in advance if I've messed up on something, anything! Haha, I hope you like them.

And with that, it's five in the morning, so I think it's a good time for me to go to sleep! 'Ta.
Ahhh, Sasha sounds like such a sweetie <333
Claude, you poor bby oh my god.
They sound like really excellent characters! Can't wait to see them in action.
Yeah, figured!
Just saying, since I don't know.
Oh well!
Looking forward to see how this all plays out then. uvu
Haha, woah!
I remember this collab.
Man, it's been a long time. Shit's happened. O_O
So this is getting restarted? I wasn't really involved much at all in this, but I still think it'd be neat to do that. I think I've improved quite a bit since before.

As far as I see, though, who exactly's doing the whole redo deal?

Is it just going to be a revamp right here, or is it going to be on a completely new version... comic... thing...? Derp.

Sorry, out of the loop, don't know how this all's going down.
I just love the creepy characters.
As captain falcon would say;
O: How lucky~!
Woah! My little brother's birthday is on the 24th as well! o:
Poor Hero >:
Lazy =w=
Sorry for taking so long D,:
This comic should have even moar fans. 8D
GASP! It was such a great plan! D:
May 20th, 2010
Busted. D:
I love bumping into stuff! :]
I want to go after nuttyjigs :D
I'm going on a field trip and wont be back till Sat. D: