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I was given curiosity, so I studied....
I was given a brain, so I did some thinking... I was given eyes, so I stared and I was given hands, so I drew... I was given immagination, so I wrote... Life gave me troubles, so I lied... Time gave me chances, so I grabbed... Dreams gave me faith, so I traveled... With patience I learned patience; With teamwork I learned sharing; With friends I grew caring...

And so because I lied, I tell stories and because I care I tell good ones... Because I worked and I was troubled, I became responsible and did my best... Because I am still curios and had chances, I learned and want to learn more...

Because I dreamt, I went this far..... Because I have faith, I will go further.

So have faith in me and I'll go the distance for you!
I would be giving you a comic script and then guidance over the storyboard and drawings.
I will set up a group in Moxtra for that.
To join register here:
That's not a bad idea, I'd wear one myself actually hahaha. Why haven't I thought about that before???
I think it's social behavior> Like... It's something you pick up from the adults in your family, isn't it? (I sit like my mom XDDD)
Hi Cindy,
you are most welcome :D
@Merista: I know right? XDD
this was back when I was still drawing as physiotherapy to rehab my hand. All the way through chapter 3 I had very little control of what I was drawing (I had missing bottoms in the characters too and other stuff) hahaha.
It's volume 1 of The Gem - the second saga.
Yup, I wonder why.
I fixed it now. Thanks for letting me know :D
@Cindy.luwho: yeah Cat is from Egypt but probably he never told her much.
Tayri is definitely from the desert instead.
@lanay - Thank you :D I try really hard to make each story very "individual" in flavour and not a replica to previous ones T_T
Now you too can worship the diagonalness made flesh *_*
It's Italian :D
Hi, She is is Italian so she is saying Ahi Ahi in Italian. :D The Story is set in Rome, som sometimes I put things in Italian :D

I did not want to put Ouch cuz I wanted more like a lament hahaha and I wanted an Italian lament.
you will see her very soon :D
It was digital.
This is watercolor.
That is the best thing I could receive in a message. Stay strong and healthy!
that's gotta hurt more than a mammogram.
While we wait for the Long story "Zizak and Pearlie" to come back here is something silly I did a few years ago and never got the chance to finish until now. It's a very short story, about 5 pages :)
I will not give up the Pirate Balthasar until I am done telling all the stories.
I took a break because I wanted to storyboard them properly and figure the stories out before I went in production, otherwise I have loopholes hahaha
Here is a list of thing coming soon.

You can still have your daily dose of comics, exept now you have variety.
Monday: the Mark of Cain (
Tuesday: the pirate Balthasar
wednesday: the flower and the nose
thursday: the pirate balthasar
frida: the Mark of Cain (