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I was given curiosity, so I studied....
I was given a brain, so I did some thinking... I was given eyes, so I stared and I was given hands, so I drew... I was given immagination, so I wrote... Life gave me troubles, so I lied... Time gave me chances, so I grabbed... Dreams gave me faith, so I traveled... With patience I learned patience; With teamwork I learned sharing; With friends I grew caring...

And so because I lied, I tell stories and because I care I tell good ones... Because I worked and I was troubled, I became responsible and did my best... Because I am still curios and had chances, I learned and want to learn more...

Because I dreamt, I went this far..... Because I have faith, I will go further.

So have faith in me and I'll go the distance for you!
@AlchemyFox: that would work if he were just thinking it through. Unfortunately, he is a Circeian and, if any, this story clearly shows that neither Amin nor Istani are very smart people so he has to be consistent in that.
This story is also a take on "average stupidity" putting other people's lives in danger.

PS Circe keeps flirting with Kane to, keeps pushing the boundaries. Truth is we don't see it here but Amin propositioned Castalia before and got beat up. Those Circeians are very much like "sooner or later"... Telegonous will never stop trying to get Kane either hahaha.
@[/ulink][ulink:339479]Crayzy : It starts from the place where fart jokes and "naughty" live hahahaha
@Boba: thank you very much you sweet you :D
A few years ago I made a bag for an exhibition. I drew a comic.
I think I never shared it with you.
So here it is.
@Vanilla The Witch: thank you :D
I am glad you got all that out of the story.
:D I will be starting another short story in September. I will keep you all posted when it starts.
and with this, I mark the series complete.
This is it :D this is where six years of my life went.
series complete.
@MK_Wizard: thank you, I am glad you like it :D
@Hey: your phone does not load large gifs.
Thank you :D
I'm a bit overworked at the moment so I cannot go back to fix typo, unfortunately. I'm so sorry.
To be honest I am so behind in making pdf for download too T_T
Hopefully I will be out of this Hell in July.
It's goona stay, the typo I mean. As long as it makes sense it's gonna stay.
Happy New Year. Don't feed Kes.
Hello Guest,
I normally post twice a week, like tuesday/thursday - monday/friday (it depends on your timezone).
I just underwent a small surgery to my left eye so the next udpate will most likely be tomorrow or the day after :D
I went to the eye doctor to check on my eye and as it turns out the reasons I was having trouble recently was because one of my tear ducts was closed. So I had a minor surgery today. I apologize for the quality of my pages, being unable to focus properly on the drawing itself.
n.3: favorite character is a tough one because I love them all. I have to say that I tend to love "animals" a bit more and that is why probably one of my signature element in my story is "if there's an animal, it will steal the show". So... probably Lorenzo the Diagonal Cat is my n.1 hahaha.

n7, favorite OC ship: the Alidivento, of course hahaha. Joke aside. Apart from Rose and her bullfriend Jack living their unchained Moolody moment... I don't have one. I think they are all pretty interesting and I find interesting the way the characters got together and matched with their partners. I was absolutely sure Lio and Foxy would not last and that Pea and Josh would get together but suddenly Lio and Foxy started talking and Pea was swept off her feet by Martin and that was a surprise. Oh, and I do love it when a female animal falls in love with the doctor and he ends up adopting them because he likes being loved and cared for by others hahaha so I've got to say that Rebecca the dromedary and Wes was one of my favorite love story to write. I also liked seeing Kane and Gemma together because they were good friends and there was no sexual tension' and Gemma was that part of Castalia that is Kane's best friend practically' and it's nice to see how these two are perfect for each other and it has nothing to do simple attraction, they are just very comfortable together :D

n 19, have I ever made self-insert: only in the freetalks hahaha. Even when I draw little lizards in the stories, it's never me, it's just a regular lizard. Things can be based off me and my personal experience, I think Lani from "the Flower and the Nose" looks like me the most physically. Osamu Tezuka used to do a lot of self-insert. I actually inserted him in the Forgotten Muse and I insert people I know like Father Guido and Friar James (they are my favorite University Professors).
N 20, an OC regret: if it's my regret we talk about... I have none, the story goes the way it needs to go. I will always miss Josh (that's why I can't wait to work on Our Little Brother). I regret not establishing Cat's height sooner and better because I could have had more jokes about it, although he had always been a small dude I did not realize how much shorter he was compared to the other guys and the potential of it all until Gigantic Martin Steeves came into the picture. A personal regret is not splitting a specific scene into more pages when Kane and Castalia are in the bathtub and he tells his side of the story, I often think I should have done an actual flashback for that part or used more space.
With the new story starting tomorrow I almost forgot to share the last of the sketches with you guys.
Here they are together with a little game :D
Next Monday, September 3rd :D
I am taking a full week break to finish the storyboards this week and start the cover :D

It's better to start the story in September, most people are still on vacation hahaha
We are almost ready to go :D