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I was given curiosity, so I studied....
I was given a brain, so I did some thinking... I was given eyes, so I stared and I was given hands, so I drew... I was given immagination, so I wrote... Life gave me troubles, so I lied... Time gave me chances, so I grabbed... Dreams gave me faith, so I traveled... With patience I learned patience; With teamwork I learned sharing; With friends I grew caring...

And so because I lied, I tell stories and because I care I tell good ones... Because I worked and I was troubled, I became responsible and did my best... Because I am still curios and had chances, I learned and want to learn more...

Because I dreamt, I went this far..... Because I have faith, I will go further.

So have faith in me and I'll go the distance for you!
Now you too can worship the diagonalness made flesh *_*
It's Italian :D
Hi, She is is Italian so she is saying Ahi Ahi in Italian. :D The Story is set in Rome, som sometimes I put things in Italian :D

I did not want to put Ouch cuz I wanted more like a lament hahaha and I wanted an Italian lament.
you will see her very soon :D
It was digital.
This is watercolor.
That is the best thing I could receive in a message. Stay strong and healthy!
that's gotta hurt more than a mammogram.
While we wait for the Long story "Zizak and Pearlie" to come back here is something silly I did a few years ago and never got the chance to finish until now. It's a very short story, about 5 pages :)
I will not give up the Pirate Balthasar until I am done telling all the stories.
I took a break because I wanted to storyboard them properly and figure the stories out before I went in production, otherwise I have loopholes hahaha
Here is a list of thing coming soon.

You can still have your daily dose of comics, exept now you have variety.
Monday: the Mark of Cain (
Tuesday: the pirate Balthasar
wednesday: the flower and the nose
thursday: the pirate balthasar
frida: the Mark of Cain (
If you miss The Pirate Balthasar - it will be back soon in a few weeks - meantime you can play a drawing game with us:
Really? I thought scrolling would feel easier than clicking. :/
As interface is so much easier for me to use though T_T
Is the App not good either for you?
Hi guys,
there's about 200 of you here.
I was wondering if you would mind shifting to another platform from next chapter onward.
I am overly packed with work this year and keeping everything in one place would help me enormously.

I hate to leave SmackJeeves but let me know what you think and if it's okay with you.

Like I said I will release short stories.

Zizack and Pearlie is at idea stage now.

Even God rested on the seventh day. I am resting on the seventh year.
Happy New Year guys.

2016 marks the end of The Pirate Balthasar as Kane passes the baton to Cain:

I hope you enjoyed the promo. The Mark of Cain will officially begin on January 1st. For the moment it will only be released on Tapastic, my 2017 is already very packed and I need to reduce the numbers of website I update on unfortunately.

We do not say goodbye for good to Kane and his crew though, I will release some short stories on special occasions - I will make sure to keep you posted and inform you in advance when a new story is coming so you may want to keep an eye on either facebook or Instagram:

Yes, I have a tumblr but it's really not that popular hahaha:
Happy 2017.

Yes, after I fix all the typos, most definitely :D
He is.
From the main branch of the family.
And the final curiosities to Murder in Bologna:
@Zoodie: no worries, this is a prequel to The Pirate Balthasar :) Circe did not marry Castalia, it was Kane all along.
One more page and we are done :/