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We haven't seen any sexual moments between them before, and it's really one aspect of their dynamic which we might not get the chance to look into. Maybe some post-sex snuggling?

Anything domestic would be lovely, though. A snapshot of 'good morning', or 'goodnight', particularly.

MY IDEAS ARE SILLY, SORRY. I just love this comic. <3
Hurrah; new page! Your shading in the first panel makes me particularly happy ^^ Thanks for sticking with it.
I love Dake's face in the second panel XD

Also, I'd go for a Christmas print book if I had the money at the time :)
Yay; I've been waiting for #1 to come back in :) Just bought both at once. I love Tommy's face in both panels he appears in on this page, too XD
I haven't left a comment in ages, so here I am :) I used to comment at LJ but I don't go on it now; I only really came to SJ for this comic and it's kept me here! I love your artwork and your characters so much; they make FfS really engaging to read. I wish I could draw like you! <3
Just made a donation for the first time, so I figured I'd go for another first and comment as well :D Still love this comic; it's definitely my favourite, and I read a lot of them ^_^" Poor baby Dake D: