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I like coffee. And... that's pretty much it.
Nothing I do should be taken seriously. Or maybe it should.

I like making small comics that are totally random and all doodly. It makes drawing more fun.
But I'm also a huge procrastinator, so I rarely finish them without encouragement. Sorry 'bout that.
@Corvi: You can say すごく可愛い(かわいい) which means "very cute".
No, please don't speed it up! These kind of things DO take forever in real life, it's not like in fiction where "woops slipped my dick into your virgin arse without foreplay" magically happens. Gay foreplay, especially for virgins, take forever. Cleaning takes forever, stretching takes forever, preparing takes forever. In fact, the first couple of times you will only be doing preparation and no sex at all.
This is still fiction, so skipping the whole gross cleaning and multiply preparation scenes is okay, but please don't speed up the foreplay. Keep it at least a little bit realistic because, to be honest, it's nice that for once seeing it in a BL.

Trust me, these things aren't easy, nor are they that sexy IRL, but they're very nice for people who has to go through this to actually see it in a fiction for once. ; ^;)
While Zeggy might be going the wrong way about it, I don't see why Joe has to be such a little bitch to him. Is it wrong to be attracted to someone and hence flirt with them to get the message through? Idk, unless the person in question tells you to stop, I'm not sure you're gonna get the hint when you're trying your hardest to show your affection for them.
There are two kinds of people....
I love how Purple in the last panel is just like
I don't know, in my culture it's common for friends (of any gender) to share drinks. When I tried out a new coffee at some café, I asked my friend if he wanted to try it. We don't even wipe if it's with friends, but our Japanese friends who were with us started blushing and later asked me if we "liked" each other LOL.
So anyway, yeah, I can't really say I understand Alkaline's reaction. ;;;
@Grapefruit: It's a pretty common Nordic surname. I know at least 3 people with that name, haha. Note that it's not pronounced with an English nor American accent though, here's the Swedish pronouncement;

malm = ore
sten = rock/stone
@jonasfx: I'm having a heartattack just looking at him.
November 19th, 2014
Omg cuties.
@Quadrant: Depends on how drunk you are, but also who's the drunk. Most of my friends know they're drunk even when they're totally wasted and apparently they remember everything they did during their time as drunk. But my mom has no idea when she's drunk and she also doesn't remember a thing even when she's just a little drunk.
But yeah, I think it depends on the person. How well you handle alcohol and how you react to it. Maybe age as well, and how often you drink.

I don't think Dylan is drunk though, maybe a bit tipsy and after his embarrassing but interesting conversation with Carolyn he wants some sort of closeness. A hug, a kiss, a desire that starts welling up. And I'm not sure a drunk person would think about it shyly like he did ("I want to hold hands" etc).
If he really was drunk - as in "We're gonna bang because I'm DRUNK"-drunk - then I doubt he'd wait until they got all the way home first, haha.
Kaiser needs a hug. ; ^;
But most of all an extra hand. An extra hand to pUNCH THOSE BRATS WITH.
Well, Wallis was a pretty touchable star. All puns intended.
Holy, the page was loading slowly, so I sat at the edge of my chair thinking he was gonna ask something completely else. dgasdgsad
But... look at that shadow... it's not behind her, it's over her, and by the looks of it I'd say that looks like some frizzy dreadlocks.
(Stares at page until I start to understand what the heck's going on... or until the next page is up.)

The camp has been set.
@noelburgundy27: I second that.
Don't worry, Dylan, he won't leave a hickey. Just... two holes instead.
Damn that 2nd panel face is adorable. Almost dropped my cup of coffee.
Is that disappointment I hear, Dylan?

And ahhhh two weeks.
I- I shall try.. to manage...
September 3rd, 2013
You're baaaack! ; A; ♥
And perhaps a bit hard to tell so far, but has your style become better? Ooh, this is so exciting. ~
I almost screamed and it's 5:25AM, Jesus Christ.