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I love to help people, so if you have any problems don't hesitate to tell me. I'll try my best to tell you! :3.
That teacher ugh! Look at the way he smirks, just sickens me! D:
hahahaha! /face palm/ OTL
lmfao! I guess no one will know who you REALLY are ;))
o_o that's a lot!
oh snap, I didn't see that coming! Is it implying his time is up?
lmfao! Oh what coincidence ;D haha
Gotta love the middle finger ;D haha
OMG!!! Eww haha! What is that stuff? Alien eggs?
^ I was just about to say that xD
Aw! They're gonna encounter trouble now, aren't they?
His body...oh man! *u*
bake some cookies on those abs...errr what? <.<
Aw cute! And congrats, you deserve it :)
Hm good way to get her to listen...xD
Congrats, you deserve it!
lmfao! Oh no the "talk" xD
I guess he's gonna get eaten alive o_o
omg! I've never seen a pokemon get squashed before! D: hahaha! Atty adds a whole new level to pokemon fighting, but awww he gave a little care to Dragonthing ;))
lmfao! Roomba makes it look so easy to do xD
ohhh take the offer xD
oh man!