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uh..hi, I'm Alyson. I am a very weird person, I like to get that out there from the start.
I speak fairly good German and not so good Japanese, I live in Alaska, I love to draw and write, though I often start stories with no way of knowing how I'll go about finishing them. I play waaay too many video games and read waaaaay too much yaoi.
The reason I haven't updated anything on my pages is because I hate my art style, and I'm constantly changing it.
So when I get my act together, there will be comix galore~
But since this is becoming a novel, just know that I love you, and when I do get my stories up and you read them, my love will be everlasting.
(even if you hate them, lol)
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I haven't commented in a while...
Hope you have a wonderful vacation!!
We will wait eagerly for your return~

Cute Dylan is cute <33
I audibly gasped, lol.
I was stressed about work tomorrow, but this massive donated page upload just made everything about 99999x better. Also, Joa's teeth are really cute...owo
He's got the right idea
If Dylan and I are as much alike as I like to think, candy is a bullseye. Gg, Joa!!
Lucas does look good in that shirt though...
Hopefully Keiran will "bump into them" soon, hehe
I knew I liked her!
New reader btw! This comic is soooo good, oh my gosh.
Aww, friendship~<3

Happy belated to your brother! :D
worst fear: being seen by friends in skinny jeans

I'd say it's legit.
Well...this did not turn out as expected.
omg is she okay?
Late comment is laaaate
But I just love how "Merce" is so close to my last name.
Instant connection!
well, hellooo there Lari!
wow what a bitch.

I'm sorry, that was rude, I don't even know her.
She could stand to chill out a little though.
I liked the Kangaroo, personally.
It was cute enough to dry my tears, I'm just glad I caught an update after Hotaru getting hurt. >w<
Happy belated, SAL! <33
I would love to make a coherent comment, but I'm laughing to hard at all the people above me.
You guys are just way too funny
Ahh! I reached the end!?
I just read this all in one night. lol.
Aw man, this chapter's gonna be rough, I feel.
@Lolychan: omg Gangsta Barbie nooo
Sanders must be an impulse buyer.
Born in the year of the Rooster? lol
Hmm, maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt.
/sing song
Doubt it~!

I am glad that Keiran and his sister are reunited, but don't worry Iram, he'll come rescue you yet!