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I'm a simple man with lots of ideas. I'm the pen behind the Edge stories, the one who comes up with the ideas that you see in these comics. I adore all of the artists that work with me. They all have lots of talent, and I'm always looking for more artists who want to work on an original Edge
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I love the second panel, and OMG picachu in the pocket... POCKET MONSTER!!!
Daddy? Awwww. :(
It's been months.
I was lazy, I admit, but having all of that come together was worth it! OH my goodness! I can't believe how amazingly dramatic this chapter is. I thought he was dead, but now... I can't wait for more!
Vridna Wishes You All A Merry Christmas
Even if she doesn't know what Christmas is, Vridna still wants you to have a wonderful day, but she hates eggnog and receiving presents is a very odd concept for Dari slaves. Either way, Vridna is very happy to be in a new outfit.
First Pick
Poppints decided to try a new style and honestly, I don't know which one I like more. They both have really good advantages.

Rani was already planning to move when his friend died. Vridna wasn't expected, but Rani will have to make due.
Nowhere to run
Most Dari know that there is a place to run to, but it's rare for one of the enslaved ones to know where it's at. Vridna is not an exception.
Why is this page so late?
Because Poppints had to make it extra awesome. Also, Vridna wasn't nodding to Rani's question of if it'll hurt her. She's nodding to his request. Slaves take almost everything as a command. Even if they are hurt, slaves cannot refuse their masters. I really do love how beautiful Vridna looks in the large panel.
Clothes and Money
Slaves on Edge don't get to wear nice clothes unless they're enslaved by a rich master. More on that later. Trivates and Darinks on the other hand are simply the currency on Edge, though Darinks are worth much more than Trivates because of all that it takes to make them. More on that as well.
Broken Plates
Another wonderful comic drawn up by Poppints. So a little bit more world building done on here, but the story's working itself in very soon. I promise. Also, Poppints' birthday is tomorrow, I believe, so feel free to wish her a happy birthday.
Got Chips?
Yeah. The Dari have these chips inside of them that limit the amount of magic they can use. Also, for those who don't know, there are four type of Dari, one for each of the four elements. There's a lot of differences between the Dari, but I'll let you all figure it out as the comic continues.
An update?
We've been dead for a while, but now that our comic is up and running, things might start to get up and running.
I guess they don't know about your dA comics, which are as awesome as your full comic. I love your ideas, this chapter especially. It's filled with drama and makes you think at times. Only a truly talented comic artist/writer can achieve what you have done. Keep up the good work.
Issues Much?
Rani has an issue with taking over his friend's place as Vridna's master. Poppints was sick for a while, but pretty soon things should back on schedule.
Vridna and Rani meet as owner and slave, but what of their past, and what's going on? More to come. Updates on Mondays as long as I can do the scripts on time.
The Start
There it is. It's the beginning of this comic, or at least the front cover of the first chapter. Much more to come very soon. I really do love Poppints and her art.
I was on the edge of my seat for the entire battle. I can't wait to see her cream Gary.
One battle left until Gary. The suspense is killing me.