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Hi! ^^ (description later? too lazy...XD)
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I CAN SEE THE LOVE CLEARLY ON HIS FACE NOW!!! X3 omg omg omg omg yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy
Story and update! >=D MOAR!! (greedy monster is greedy >.>....XD)
MEGA SPARKLE SQUEAL! X3 I love this picy. I think it would be amazing if you published this <333 I think a sequel would be really awesome too! Keep it up! You have amazing art and ideas here. Don't be scared to share it <3
Awwww!!! Oh god, this comic just keeps getting better and better!!!! *3* this is uber cute and such an awesome plot twist! Hurry Shira-kun and fall in love with him Haru-kun too!!! DX
Awwwwzzzzz! If only things like these really did happen in real life! XD haha. X3 Me wubs!!!! <33333
Eeek! Scary pikachu is scary!...unless he's being sexy about it XP haha

I'm totally lovin' this but don't do it Pikachuuuu! You won't win his love this way ;___; No matter how much we want to see you and ash shag, don't do it!!!
You Made My Day <333
Yay! Another update! X3 I'm so happy!!! You're art is amazing and this is an amazing story so don't doubt yourself or anything! =D You'll always have supporters especially from me!

Now, on to the smexy-ness!!! <333 ~rooting for pikachu~ RAPE! RAPE! RAPE! XDDD Haha, jk!
OMG IT's AN UPDATE! ~droooooools~ YAAAAY!!!! X3 I love this so far! <3333