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Just found your comic and I'm glad I did. The writing made me literally laugh out loud a couple of times. You have a gift when it comes to dialogue. And the sexy times are great too ;)
Ugh! My comp ate my response, here's another go...

What squicks me is the fact that Jules was so young when they started dating. If they had been 20 and 30 when they met, that would be a whole different story. Legal or illegal doesn't have anything to do with it.

I, personally, don't like relationships like this in fiction. And I don't like Micah. Because even with everything we've seen of their relationship--it being happy (except now. finally)--I can't like a character, who is a goddamned adult, meeting a teenager and being like, yeah, I'll date this person who has way less life experience than me and has had no time to figure out who they are yet. And have sex with them.

I probably would have been more on board had they been friends for awhile before they started dating. I might even be on board for them reconnecting in the future after Jules grows up and experiences some junk. (though probably not because I don't like Micah Diamond)
Well I might be Satan, because this made me laugh. Then again, I never liked their relationship because the age gap squicked me out.
And wasn't Micah abusive to Tweety when they were dating? Or am I misremembering?
This is why Leighton is one of my faves
*diiiies* so cute, I love them. I will accept this as a Xmas present. Thank you, SantaRoy

ETA: It's also page 1988, the year I was born. Check it, I think the stars aligned. Also JH is almost 2000 pages long. FUCK YEAH!!!
You go, Tweety! Tell Leighton and Eliot that they're not allowed to ruin my ship. Unless they wanna get poly with it, I'd be cool with that.
Important stuff is happening on this page, but I'm really distracted by how goshdarn cute Jordan is.
Omg remember when Nick was just a little bean on a couch? *wipes away tear* Where has all the time gone?
*dabs at tears with hanky* so beautiful
God Matt is so beautiful
Omg never change, you babies xD
Ha! That sign killed me
I do believe that was a hint. xD gah, I love Jordan's blond eyebrows.
All I can think about is Varya making Jord a giant proggy wedding dress xD oh, no wait Araceli reminded me of something. Just yesterday I was thinking about JH and OMG REMEMBER WHEN JORD HAD BRACES!? & THEY WERE IN COLLEGE!? & NICK WAS A TINY (PRE?) TEEN!? ...Yeah it gives me feels just thinking about how far everyone's come. I love this comic.
Awww it's like a parade of my otps. You get that cake, Araceli! And also your sexy nose having finance xD
Omg I laughed so hard. I love James & Leighton!
Awwww Luke : (
And this page too! It's so fun to watch your art get better and better. I mean look at those freckles! In conclusion: I <3 JH