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I just LOVE a good story. I don't care what form it takes. I love books, movies, TV shows, graphic novels, manga, and video games. And I would love to one day work in one or several of such industries.

In my free time (Haha, WHAT freetime?) I enjoy drawing, writing in my novel, or playing on my DS (I'm a huge Nintendo fan).

Just so you know, I'm probably a better writer than I am an artist, but I've always loved drawing characters, so I decided that a webcomic might be the right way to go. I'm currently a freshman in college (Oo, dang. I'm old already) and don't have a lot of free time, but I'll try my best to stay on top of things!

Feel free to PM me if you have questions or comments!
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    Tanya Krueger
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New Pages
New, incomplete test pages. More to come. :)
I love all the deep themes that you are going into with this story. And your art is incredible as always. And Winst is just soooo cute.
October 13th, 2012
Ah! I've been waiting! :) Don't leave me hanging again! D:
Araya reacts angrily once again.
Ahaha! Rejected again! I love the relationship of these two!
He's a creepin'! His hair curlies are pretty awesome. Things are getting exciting!
Thank you! Yeah, I "finished" it, then realized something was missing so I added the dappled light shining through the trees. :)
The plot thickens!

Hmmm.... Sorry about the slow progress. It's kind of depressing when your summer break is busier than the school year was. I'm not making excuses, though! I take full responsibility for slow SB progress.
I made you all an August Calendar to put as your desktop background or however you want to use it. Araya, Lauren, and Desta are in full summer mode, unlike now in the comic. It was refreshing to draw them like this. :)

Once again, if anyone would maybe be interested in a forum for aspiring webcomic artists who get together and learn from each other and make goals in a close-knit setting... let me know. I'm working on it.

Real page will be up tomorrow.
Yes! Travel with the cool guys! <3
I don't know what everyone is saying about your old style, because I LOVE how much you've improved. Your style is great. Keep improving.

Yeah, so it's finally my summer break and I just got back from a little vacation in California so now updates should be pretty regular. Woot!

This page is pretty boring...

If I made a forum for aspiring webcomic artists which focuses on learning how to drastically improve your art and story-telling... would anyone be interested? Comment and let me know.
Lol. I love her.
Great character interactions. Also, your backgrounds are getting better. ^^
I have not forgotten this comic and its amazingness. I LOVE EVREYTHING ABOUT THIS PAGE!!! Thanks for updating! <3
July 12th, 2012
Ooooooooh he's looking good!
<3 Yay! I've been waiting for an update.~
@mappy41: Thank you so much for your comments! They mean a lot to me. I hope you continue to read and enjoy! ^u^
At first I was like "lol wut?" but then I just started cracking up. XD This is great...
And why should we need a warning about a longer chapter? That should just make us excited! :D