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Well, why not? They've both been around for nearly two decades worth of gaming, and Light needs SOMETHING to do on the 'off-seasons' when Dr. Wily is off designing eight new robot masters and not actively attacking the world ...
I thought about it, but it'd have broken up the flow of the story too much. (Wait, this story HAS a flow?)

The last "special" I did was Panel #747 - I completely forgot to MAKE one, so that panel never really flew.


... sorry. :)

But if you look at #747, even by my standards, that's a filler panel.
Nodnod. I often forget to add in sound effects where I should, and the Dimensional Portal hasn't gotten the treatment it deserves.

Despite the fact it's been a tradition with this particular crew of misfits for many a year, I almost didn't NEED the Portal for this particular adventure.

Disaster seems to have a knack of finding them on its own. :)
Depends on what you're looking for.

If you're reading a comic for the artwork, then sprite comics would be anathema to you. But for those of us with no drawing ability to speak of, this is the only way we've got to experiment with telling a tale in a "comic format."

Does it take far less time and talent than a hand-drawn comic? Of course. But in the end, it's all about finding a way to tell the tales you want to tell in life.

And if you don't care for the format, nobody's forcing you to read it. But berating it just because it's a Sprite Comic is like telling a writer, "All you do is take existing words and connect them together. You're not using any original material of your own." :)
Apologies ...
Sorry about the blatant 'filler pic' for the day. Seemed like a good time for it, though - a new month, a new chapter to the story, and I've only got about ten panels of 'backup' created right now with no real opportunity to work on it until the weekend. :)

Once again, the picture is from Ryu's Form Site - - he put this one up a little over a month ago and it struck me as very similar to what the "live action" version of Topaz Weapon would look like in Nineteen Eternal: The Movie. And as always, anything that resembles REAL art in this comic needs to be credited to the appropriate parties. Because my drawing ability would make an Atari 2600 cringe. :)

I'd pay good money to see "Nineteen Eternal: The Movie" - even without the nubile weapons - just to see people have to computer-generate a giant Gutstank. :D
I thought about it - but honestly, I've been relying too much on other people's drawing talent. Especially early on - I used what, FOUR 'borrowed pics' in the first hundred panels?

I'll still break them out on special occasions, but I doubt I'll have another "blatant fanservice" panel until #1000.

( "No Fanservice?!?" cried half of my viewers as they left in disgust to go read other comics. :D )
None taken. In fact, I'm happy someone would actually WANT to see more than five panels a day of this. :)

I had a large archive of panels - the problem is, I caught up. :P And the last few weekends haven't given me much in the way of spare time - I've been stuck on Panel #805 since last Saturday.

Necessity was the mother of invention (or creativity or whatever) the last time this happened, and I spat out 100 panels in two days. Hopefully something similar will happen again soon. :)
I think he was 1-99. :)

But a Veteran is something like "a person who has had long service/experience in an occupation."

Glass Joe has had the EXPERIENCE in boxing, just no real success in it. :)
Unfortunately, our hapless hero only had the "Gadoken" fireball, Gemini Laser and untested Golden Axe at this point, if memory serves.

You'd THINK Skeets would have given him some useful equipment like the Metal Blade, but no ... :P
So I did, so I did. I MADE Panel #344, just hadn't noticed I'd put on a 'double dose' of #343 by accident.

Good thing SOMEONE'S reading this, because obviously *I'M* not.

Anyway, all fixed. :D
Well, back in the old days of Megaman 1, the gun was called the 'P-Shooter' because you selected the "P" on the weapon select screen to use it. But you probably already know that. :)

And the "Gadoken" is Dan Hibiki's fireball, taken straight from the Street Fighter Alpha 3 sprite. Much like how Ryu's fireball has his 'double hand motion' superimposed within the chi, Dan's fireball has the image of the single hand he uses to throw it flickering inside it.

... or it could be a cat. Whatever works for you. :D
Oops, sorry! Apparently my brain was off when I first put this page up and I forgot to link the image to it or something.

Of course, that means it's probably been like that for WEEKS and I never noticed. *blush*

All fixed now, though.
Heh. Thanks. Even though this page uses Bison and Arthur sprites with only the barest amount of editing, I'm still happy with how it turned out. :)
Thanks for letting me know. :)

It's nice to know I've got a few people out there that actually read this thing - no matter how hard it might be to follow what's going on sometimes. :D

It's a lot easier to make a half-dozen panels a day when I know I'm not doing it just for myself. Heh.
I think you may have just set a record for the most number of pages added to a comic in the shortest amount of time.

I'll have to read through the rest of this when I have more time. :)
September 20th, 2006
I like what I'm seeing so far in these first few pages. The story doesn't take itself TOO seriously, but still seems to be working towards an actual plot.

I also like the stories where the artwork is decent but the artist is STILL berating himself/herself for the quality of the earlier pages. :) Makes me curious to see how your style evolved over the months.
Excellent artwork.

But then, you had sold at the banner catchphrase. :)
Not particularly GOOD fight scenes, mind. Doing any sort of 'sprite combat,' especially a mass melee against grunts, proved far more difficult than I'd have expected at first.

Looking at this page is almost painful now. Not to say I've improved vastly in the three months I've been dabbling with sprites, but it's better than THIS.

You can even see green "badly cropped" color residue on the feet of some of the ... um, Foot. :)

And the "blue guy's" active imagination actually got that panel censored on my Photobucket account. Heh.
A shameless plug for Ryu's Form Site. :)
Since I obviously didn't draw the picture at the start of this page - if I could do THAT I wouldn't need sprites - I definitely want to make sure credit is given where it's due.

Ryu's Form Site:
[Click on the main picture to see his current batch of 20 pics, or the Gallery section to see previous archives in groups of 20.]
(Warning: There are some pictures with frontal nudity, but nothing that crosses the line from Artistic to Hentai, at least in my opinion. Still, it's probably 17+.)

I blundered into Ryu's Form Site at the end of February. That was a long month, as I'd just recently moved and couldn't get my DSL back up and running until mid-march. The fact that I was willing to wait around at DIAL-UP speed until I'd seen all of his pictures shows how impressed I am with his artistic ability.

He's done over 300 pictures to date, mostly female, often based off of popular video game and fighting characters.
I used part of one of his pictures as a portrait of Deirdre. I intended it as homage instead of blatant theft, and obviously take no credit for it.

But to end the shameless plug, visit Ryu's site at some point. It inspired me, I'm sure it can motivate people with actual artistic talent, too. :)
Guess it just shows neither of us came up with the most imaginative name ever for our comic off the top of our heads. :)

That's why I tend to call it by its sub-name, "Nineteen Eternal."

To eliminate confusion from anyone who's reading yours, I'll just make the sub-name the REAL name and remove 'Sprite Life' altogether.