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Oh hai.
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    It starts with a letter of the alphabet...or does it???
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Wow I haven't commented in ages, need to do that.

So much backstabbing it's getting confusing @_@
I have no idea who these people are talking about as they don't show survivor in the UK...=(
Wow. He has a high opinion of himself.
Norman's not acting normal. Hhaha I made a funny... I think... no that wasn't funny at all was it? No.
Face your fears Lucky. Face them.
Everybody loves Gatemaster.
I suppose you get what your given and Beth was given an alien that can't speak more than three words. But then again, Popper's cool.
I just realised Omay backwards is Yamo, which sounds quite funny. And I wonder what else Kala can...uh...ventriliquise...?
I wish the pokemon anime was like this.
Lucky's a good guesser.
Popper's been practicing his math.
Craig or Mary's going.
Being inbetween rocks and hard places hurt, so does alligning with Vinnie.
Where'd the flag come from?
Fav'd. Awesome comic.