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i'm a drawer, and i like yaoi. that's all xD
after some boredom i've decided to put a comic in there, but i get kinda shy about my webcomics when soem time passes so i've deleted it xD but i'm gonna submit something new, sooner or later.
you can find me on deviantart too:
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It seems you get a lot of fun in making the tought bubbles of the random characters hilarious to hysterical levels xD
March 23rd, 2011
whoah, the situation is much more well-rendered that i imagined.
oh-ho, the story is getting built up. i like that ;D
February 12th, 2011
everything has began to be more reddish! D:
and... somehow i felt like talking with the book could have helped him actually.
is it bad that i don't see anything bad in... talking with objects... since when i began reading this comic? xD
in road form.
this actually made my day xD
floating cups!! x°D
and beware of the cute king D:
January 30th, 2011
and she's protecting you with the most useless and orange guy on the planet D:
lol jk we all love him =v=
January 26th, 2011
man, go on.
great style by the way, is it done with watercolors traditionally or is it 100%digital?
uhh i love the pace, you're giving off a good rhytm D:
i loved how the interruption was represented! can't wait to read more :3
January 18th, 2011
idk, made me lol D:
January 17th, 2011
i'll never have enough of your humor x°D
and lol, orange. x°D
pff simon you're such a womanizer x°D
keep rollin', i love how this is going ;D
aww che carini =v= e bel bacio *v*
belline le vignette, le ombre, bellino tutto!!
si vede che ci metti parecchia più cura di quanto io non ci metta nei miei scarabocchi x°D
lol i knew sergio would spit it out someday. i guess simon is just so used to kids in awe when talking about his hero-self >v< and ohhhi can't believe! am i seeing tiny hearts in sergio's eyes? isn't it like the cuuutest thing ever? >v< i need to bow to that masterpiece of subtleness <3
aww now THAT's getting along :D x°D
fu-- don't leave us hanging like thaaat ;A;
...okay, seriously, i'm glad you had the courage of taking a worthy pause.
about the sequel, it would be very nice to see haru and shira get together as a couple, you should try kicking in some other interesting dare, just to not let slip away what you've done in the first part... and including a little i-think-badly-to-be-seme haru would be nice, as it wouldn't go far as an idea alone. about shuuji and cookie, you can make taka get awkard ideas about how everyone already have a loved one, and go get drunk all alone and sad to shuuji's workplace, where he gets drunk and shuuji helps him, since he's so gentle and all =v= maybe it would be too clichè to make them get in bed... but maybe not if they just curl in bed naked for some reason and sleep together... and when taka gets up panicks thinking he had done something and gets clingy to shuuji in a love-hate manner... :3
you can work easily on both, making the relationship intertwin, which is very easy as haru knows both parts ;3
i always tought that Simon caught all the attenction usually... but then i found out that is Sergio's blushes what catches my eye most x°DD *stares at the last row of panels for years*
x°DDD gorgeous.
now, have sex.
jk, jk =v= i'm curious to see how the story will develop!
and awesome face in third panel!