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I sprited once... Then I died like 15 times...

Will I live on???
Probably not lololol
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Vs Wartortle
So this first real page we discover the blonde trainer is apart of the Oak bloodline, but how exactly? We also learn the protagonist(?) is named Axel.

Stay tuned
Rare Candy Cover
So it begins! Welcome to the world of Pokemon!
Rare Candy
Here's the opening scene that will set the stage for the coming events. I hope you all enjoy!
Will someone please give my comic, Pokemon Relic of Time a review. It's a pokemon sprite comic, but before you turn me away, please give it a look.
Honestly dude, if you are this good in paint, just use photoshop. It's not gonna hurt anything, and you'll be amazed at how much better the pages will turn out,
Whoa man great page
The only problem I can see, honestly, is that I think you may have wanted to put quotes around the word "hostile" in the third panel.
Otherwise, perfect. The last panel looks crazy awesome
Nice! You should really start making drawn panels XD
Haha, that's not what I saw XD
I am talking about the the small bunch of pixels in the middle the three flowers in the top left corner of the first panel
Great page, man, but I can't help but notice that I think you may have forgot to fully erase something in the first panel D:

Otherwise, great job, and the grill looks very nice XD
I wonder if he will catch it
Nice cover
Holy shit this is the best lmfao
The emotions you make look very nice
Great comic
Lmfao! Too bad this wasn't a real page, but whatever, it was funny enough to be worth it
Great page, man! I always get so excited when I see your comic on the top of my faves!
This antagonist seems pretty awesome
Exxtasy!! Man, everyone is moving to Sj!
I can't wait to see your new pages!
To be honest, I liked the previous panel style, cause these panels look a little offset and slightly messy. If you managed to get them to be perfectly aligned then it will definitely make them look better.
Oh wow, looks like Jo & Co. migrated to SJ as well
Panel eight is one of the best scenes in a pokemon sprite comic I have ever seen