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i'm a christian...
i love all of y'alls art...jus not yaoi/yuri...
...thats all u need to know :)
numoro uno, por favor. :)

i really want this little dude to be a sidekickish thing in the future...
oh cliff, you sad, SAD little man. i hope you know that poor little penelope-being a girl-is going to take your accidental gloomy ingorence to heart.

..and she will hurt. and i will hurt with her. because i know what it feels like to be ingored (accidently or otherwise) by someone you REALLY REALLY REEEEEAAAAALLY like! ...jerk.

but i hope she gets over this and her ridiculous notion that switching between running like a coward and stalking like a creeper is going to get her somewhere. seriously.

someone should have the courtesy to go over and help penelope gather her bags and stand up. but alas, courtesty-along with chivalry-is dead.

stop apologizing for such ridiculous things. the sequencing is fine. lovely as usual.

the silence is fine, i only hope that you start to feel better soon. <:) and that whatever's bugging you will go away.
london brige is falling down, falling down, falling down...:)

i wonder what's gonna happen next.
PLEASE tell me it's a situation that forces Penelope and Cliffy to interact.

cuz this 'avoiding' nonsense is just silly. just. plain. silly.

huh, the best
well, to be completely honest i dont really have an exact idea of what a montage is-but from what i gather...

i'd have to say that 'Blosom Montage' from Gae White is pretty freaking awesome.
and penelope THINKS she's in the clear until...

she...saw something? she trips cuz she's runnin with her tail betwen her legs too fast?

whut. is going on.
appearently she is.

and there's the famous 'look back'... i love the hearts in her eyes. :3 they make me happy.

seriously, what up with clifford?

someone shove a stick up his butt or what?
its not hard to understand at all!

it looks great, and portrays what penelope is doing wonderfully. :D

oh gosh, she's not gonna avoid him again, is she?
that is so what i would do.
to the TEE! (is that how you type it?)

i love it! penelope's face is awesome.

i wonder whats up with cliffy...
aw, i hope your better now.

and this comic DOES deserve all the praise it gets. all of it. seriously.

it rocks. :)
hm. if this was real life, i would apologize because i'm just like that.


since i'd like an interesting story, i'll go with numero UNO!!!

i seem like the kind of person who wouldnt take a punch to the
face very lightly anyway.

i really hope that doesnt kill me...0_0
dont worry about the quality, it looks good! :)

and im liking these developments. and totally random thought, but i think that would make an awesome digimon...(just revealed my inner nerd)
oh joy...


lucky me.
i completely agree with Gaventa-Tura!

i'd like to be a cautious, calculating sort of girl. so, inspect, i shall!

(i now have inspector gaget stuck in my head..)
i love how i have no idea what trees are. im so eco-friendly...;3
im so pretty!
nooooo! you already made the disicion didnt you?! didnt youuuuuu?! DX

i was kind of hoping i could be a girl desguising myself as a guy because in this world, men have a better chance at satisfactory lives than women. :D

...but oh well.

if i was the spider beast i woulda opened a can of butt-woopin on 'im for tearing one of my limbs off...

...but whatever. good for me! i look like like im ready to bust out into famous cheesey movie lines. "do ya feel lucky?...well? do ya punk?"
woo! yes! i rock.

i love how my 'going easy on it' is 'just' ripping off a leg...l:)

...i hope that i at least know how to defend myself.

i was going for the route with monsters anyway.

your writing and background design skills astound me. my vision is tinted green right now.

cant wait for the nextupdate.

that's what cliffy's face is right now.


gosh, they're worse than a couple of zit-faced teenagers! as adorable as this is in comic form, and this is A-DOR-A-BLE, in real life this would be a sad SAD example of adult behaivior.

get out there and face the woman you love like a MAN cliffy! do it! do it NOW!
that said-

this update was so wonderful! you showed what was happening in regards to how they were dealing with eachother so beautifully! and without words! even better!

your talent astounds me.

i know i will be VERY heartbroken when this comic comes to an end. will you do anything else like it? :D