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Avid accountant and alliterator.
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@M-24: If that's the case you will adore
Don't worry Holy, this Americaner knows the deal. But mostly because I've spent 8 years playing the trombone in band and another 6 singing in choruses.
Wow, Atty, actually being slightly empathetic and shit.
The phrase is "joined at the hip", not "joint".
Protip: More often than not, super unique qualities like different-colored eyes, big scars, or obtrusive hair designs don't do a lot to make your character memorable, iconic, or expressive.
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December 23rd, 2015
@Ralend: Play Portal 2. What else would two people do online this late at night?
Those tears ... look like vitreous goo. It must be painful for Addy to cry.
October 1st, 2015
Thanks for making! You have a delightful style and voice.
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September 29th, 2015
Look at that cutie. Give her a hug.
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August 2nd, 2015
Pff, what are you talking about. Your speech bubbles flow super well!
This comic is super cute, but I feel like I'm missing half the story. Is there somewhere I can read the missing pages?
What no things are working out way too smoothly.
See this is the difference between a sexually liberated society, and a sexually liberalized society.

Sexually liberated: "You're asexual? That's cool, tell me more about your experience with that."

Sexually liberalized: "You're asexual? No, everyone thinks about sex all the time, something's wrong and you need help etc."
If you think it's awesome now, just wait like four years and it will be twelve times more so.
I can tell you're getting REEEEEEEEEALLY tired of drawing rando background characters.
Atty you keep showing us your a trash-person. Why do we still love you?

Also, what's his name?
Copy-pasting backgrounds and objects is okay, because those things are usually static, they don't change, but copy-pasting living things is abominable.
Who looks at a Pikachu and says "Nope"? Honestly. the rescue?!