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Just on here to comment on my friend's webcomic.
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I love her reaction. xD
I really like the close-up. Her eye is intense. ^_^
Korra is the best. ^^

And I love the box. It's an awesome box. XD
Ah! Creepy mask guys!
Are they who I think they are or am I just crazy? ^_^
Nice~ Can't wait to see her mum's reaction. XD
So pretty!~! And the lights work. It's so awesome. ^_^
I'm telling you, that blocky kind of art is kinda creeping me out.
I love her. And this comic. And the world in general.
Mostly this page, though.
And the person on the right looks kinda like a male Maka....
Weird. And awesomesauce.
I coulda *sworn* #4 was something else....

Me gusta mucho el arbol.
I am simply assuming the demon is a shapeshifter and we simply don't see him/her/it transform. I shall not question and I recommend you make it cannon.
I mean it.
And Haruhi Suzumiya *is* a girl. XD
Oi, how about we just leave 'em hanging much?
Is he being all "manly-macho-man can't hit a girl" or is she really better than him? I kinda hope she's better than him. ^^
I just LOVE his expression in the last panel. It's just PRICELESS.
Ren and Hiro?

I mean, I keep waiting for Hiro to turn into a sheep in the first place, I don't really need to be expecting mind screws. XDDDD

I read too much Fruits Basket. So sue me. XP
How do his wounds magically disappear? I don't get it. >.> They could turn out to be non-fatal - it happens sometimes, especially in adolescents.

Unless he's like, a ghost.
Nice thing with the >.> eyes, Dreamgirl. ^_^
Skinny little shinigami.... LOL.