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I'm just a regular derp with loves for Sharks and mech.

It's nice to meet'cha! /o/
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August 26th, 2012
Lol,Kami. Demi with his face is so cute.
Lol it's Polligon XD This made my day

Comment virginity is mine!
safwergbwehnfubwevyf She is so handsome
January 25th, 2011
Really cute <3 I luvs your drawings ^^
Yes new page! Thank you so much! This made my day >w<
December 12th, 2010
Yea Terrance to the rescue !!

((Yes! Comment virginity and first))
Yes new chapter!! Go scuttle!

Now back to ariel. So excited >w<
Epicness here. He's so adorable >w< I just love cupid so much
Too awesome! It's so pretty! >w<
yes! New chapter X3
September 7th, 2010
I have a bad feeling about this XD
Yesh! Better boyfriend is back!! I'm so happy! Thank you so much >w<
Yay Update! Go ren! Blast him to smithereens!
August 24th, 2010
So cute >w< I just love Sifris's expression.
Poor sifris. He didn't get an opinion on it XD
Lol tied up XD
I love this comic to the extreme!
The update is great! ^w^
Lol K-on XD
Great coloring btw.
Kawai!! >w< Auto fave!
There is nothing wrong with being an otaku D:< *Akasaka's FALCON PUNCH!*

This is gonna be interesting
July 28th, 2010
Lol That's Amazing, Love-note. They have hearts in their eyes too XD
That was beautiful TT^TT I loved it!
Wish there was moar though