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greater wood
great.simply great good to see you back to the basics.
July 21st, 2010
yes -gay dark eldar
as you good people helped me heres a joke
on me.

A Dark Angel, Blood Angel, and Space Wolf all walk into a bar. Each
one of them orders a drink. The bartender brings them four beers. The Dark Angel looks at his beer and realizes there's a fly in it. He begins to moan about how he is being punished by the Emperor and leaves the bar in shame, pulling his monk's robe around him tighter. Just then the Blood Angel looks down at his tankard.
"What's this?!" he shouts, "There's a fly in my beer?!?!"
He then proceeds to destroy half the bar in bloodthirsty rage (and ruins any chances of getting with the Sisters at table 3).
Finally the Space Wolf looks down at his beer and notices there's a fly in
his beer too! He magnifies the reception on his bionic eye he sees the little Tyranid wannabe taking a sip of his pint.
"Oh, no you don't laddie!" he growls as he grabs the tiny insect. "Spit
it out, spit it out!!!"
July 15th, 2010
gay dark eldar
July 15th, 2010
if you choose karanragh i shall tell you another joke
The Top Ten List why DA are cooler then IF:
The Top Ten List: Dark Angels VS. Imperial Fists
Reason #10
Dark Angels wear nifty GREEN armor; Imperial Fists wear YELLOW - 'nuff said!
Reason #9
Unlike Primarch Rogal Dorn of the Imperial Fists, Dark Angel Primarch Lion el'Jonson never had his ass kicked by Primarch Perturabo of Iron Warriors.
Reason #8
Unlike Primarch Rogal Dorn of Imperial Fists, Dark Angel Primarch Lion el'Jonson never had his ass kicked by Primarch Night Haunter of Night Lords (do we see a trend here?).
Reason #7
When the Emperor had to have one of his Legions stay behind and guard Earth while the others traveled the Galaxy gaining fame and glory, Rogal Dorn jumped up and down shouting "Pick Me, Pick Me?I'll do it?"
Reason #6
Never had to have ass saved by Ultramarines, unlike the Imperial Fists after being pinned down for months by the Iron Warriors.
Reason #5
Dark Angels have the greatest victory record of all the Emperor's Legions. Imperial Fists are 0-1-1 (no recorded victories, lost to Iron Warriors and they like to call the defense of Earth a "Draw").
Reason #4
Lion el'Jonson fought Leman Russ toe-to-toe for a day with neither Primarch besting the other. Rogal Dorn would have used the famous "Play Dead and Run Away" tactic.
Reason #3
Dark Angels have lots of nifty special items like the Sword of Secrets; what were the Imperial Fists things again?can't seem to remember?
Reason #2
Dark Angels would have NEVER screwed up the defense of Earth and got everyone killed. And where exactly was Rogal Dorn when everyone else attacked Horus?.
Reason #1
Did I mention the YELLOW armor?
July 15th, 2010
gay dark eldar
i choose karanragh.because gay dark eldar make for a better funny situation than brain dead orks who will attack and kill every on the ship even before they make planet fall
gay dark eldar
we want a gay dark eldar that would reaLY MAKE IT FUNNY
wh40k joke
A Slaneesh demonnette (sp?) was found, half dead, by a platoon of imperial guard, who screamed "foul abomination" and walked along by....
Next, a sister of battle came past, screamed "foul abomination", cast some protective runes on herself, and walked along by......
Next, a space marine came past, put a bullet in it's leg, and left it there to die a sorrowful death....
Next, an ancient and wise Eldar came along....
5 minutes later, he walked out of the bush, muttering under his breath "they don't make them like they used to......"
July 5th, 2010
space marines rock
thanks for making the sp a important the only thing that is left is GAY dark eldars
the s.m should be given more importance
the renegade space marine should be made into a more important character because they need the muscle.
sucks to be secend
sucks to be secend but it is still better than being passed over.
June 22nd, 2010
space renegade
renegade space marine armed in league with tau.the horror

won't any one think of the children