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Alright, well, I currently have a job, and I'm homeschooled, so most of my time is spent either working or doing schoolwork. I still draw all the time, when I really want to, but most of the time I get distracted with Pokemon or yarn, or some other artsy thing...
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I completely understand this. Happens to me too. Especially for one dollar orders.

Why do people have to carry around hundred dollar bills?
I love all the characters in this comic (or how you represent them since I'm pretty sure Nintendo owns them or something....) and sadly, this is the point I'm at in my White game. (Already beat black like two or three months after the games were released since pokemon is addicting.)
April is now my favorite. I like being crafty just like her.
Completely and utterly would.
My inner fangirl saw you update, saw the new page, squealed, and just died in a massive overload of sparkles....
For Katsu:

Kokoro adopts a baby kitten. What's your reaction?
I want that jacket, the one Nat's wearing....
OMG!!! Do the story!!!!! *starts spazzing out*

And now I think Snow's gonna get some scars.....
Even when I played the games, I never really liked Burgh. But then I read this and you flip my opinion of him.

How do you do that?

*goes off to cry*
Actually, it'd be really cool if you did the 12 Dancing Princesses.

Something like make one new couple and have the other ukes and semes get to know them. The new uke could be the one getting all the ukes to sneak out and go party. And the semes don't know where they're going so the new seme devises a plan and they get caught.
Naw, Niya is too awesome to be called anything else.

I'm surprised you didn't include the brothers from Swan Lake in order to make it seven people. Bet the triplets' mom and Rothbart's and Odile's mom would really hit it off.
Snow White....

I just pictured Niya with a harem of 'the dwarves'.

March 20th, 2011
*stares at overall prettiness*

This made my sucky day better.
I love reading this comic, constantly, even though there's like only three actual pages. Especially since I get those games tomorrow...
I just squee'd in my head....

I never do that. May this comic continue to be so awesome.
September 22nd, 2010
You know, Terrence is PINK with GREEN eyes, while Sifris has a GREEN eye and a PINK eye.

Maybe Sifris couldn't summon a wolf cause he was destined to have Terrence.

Or something... Yeah, I spend a lot of time thinking about this....
August 2nd, 2010
I would love to buy one of your comics but I'm in the same bat as Daiasoes. I love your art so much.

So many guys...O.O
Noel said exactly what I was thinking.

I get the feeling that Noel and Tenkei have similar thoughts when it comes to the whole magical boy thing.