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I like to do absolutly nothing. I guess i like it so much because i do it so much. Not on porpose though...
But it is during this area of nothing in which i get all of my ideas so for that i am happy

I feeeeeeeeeed off of your opinions and i neeeeeeeeeeed them. Im serious. If you think my comics are crap then tell me. Better i hear it now and improve then show them off to someone and get ridiculed because of my own creations

I am 16. i am in high school. I live upstairs. i hate it here. I literaly have infinite free time. Please give me something to do. I WILL DO IT!!
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@Hawthorn Heights: so if i reference the planeters it reminds you of that comic?
I don't think that's very relevant...
herro world!
dis is now my little trashbag for comics that i make now.
Cough* cough* tf2 joke
Now all you need is a night-time monocle
it does :D
Good to SEE you're awesome humor again
i know what you mean. I've been getting ridiculous kill streaks with just my fish :D
Yeeeep! If anyone already thought of this idea please tell me
Oh and i just realized that this marks the 50th comic that i have added to this site/comic/thingy. Thanks for sticking around. I swear I'll make this comic worth your while somehow :)
Another page. im having fun with the coloring now :)
My sister actually requested this...
It was supposed to be a happy pickle
A Chainsaw riding a donkey riding a dolphin riding a rainbow
slippys request:
So um, new Taco related idea for you to draw! PANDA WITH A MOHAWK RIDING A FLYING BEER-BATTERED TACO. I think that's all, there might be more that I can't remember in this sleep-deprived state I've been in for the past 3 days. Stuff the taco with whatever you'd like, and you know what? Throw in a happy sun with some cool shades, a toothpick in his mouth, and maybe some leprachauns somewhere in the background, duking it out over a pot of brownies. (could be pot brownies, don't really care, artists interpretation) Sorry i spammed you with it but Jeremiah and I came up with that first part in caps and then i just remembered the rest and why the hell am i still typing and we should go skateboarding soon.
he then asked me to make random pictures of things which i may or may not upload laters
Wolfie looks like francis from l4d in the last 2 pannels. coool
Drawn in pen cuz i couldnt find a very hard to see pencil
TEEHEE the comic was the greatest ever made.
To be honnest i fixed the original. But now it donesnt matter anymore.
I diddnt have enough room to show this but the instant i finished my statement. The entire table broke down with laughter