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I like cartoons derp.
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Pip is just a normal Kecleon. Their colors can be anything, she prefers blue. Shiny Kecleon have a blue belly stripe, not red. :]

/late response.

I'll be working on a new page really soon.

Late comic is better than no comic I suppose.
I'm trying I swear!
I'm being a bit slow because I have a lot of art-related work to do on . (As you can see, I did the front page art.) It's been taking all my desire to work on other things with it. I'm trying my best to work on comic pages while working on things for them, so there should be a new page at some point next week!
It's so awesome to post a page again! I colored this one, but rainbowtango will go back to coloring them again next week!
Hooray for working tablets and computers!
Well I still have the original email receipt from when I got it back in August. I'm guessing that would be the only real proof of purchase I have and the SN is perfectly visible! Now to get to a phone that will either stay charged or won't drop my call. xD

Thank you!
The deal right now.
I'm sure I wish this was a real update as much as the rest of you do, but it's really difficult focusing on anything in the art world for me recently for multiple reasons. I'm in the process of moving out of my parent's house for the first time, which is both stressful and exciting for me. I have to be out the first week of June. I've been in a huge art slump where I have no desire to draw and when I do I just can't get anything on paper right, so I just pretty much sit on my computer and play online games all day and night. My tablet is currently failing with my wiggling the cord in a certain position to get it to work, which is probably one of the main reasons I haven't desired to draw at all. I don't have the money at the moment to buy myself a new one either. My laptop is struggling to charge. I'm fiddling with the cord right now to get it to stay charging. It's barely holding on at this point.

Basically what I'm saying, (as if you haven't figured out by now) we're on a pretty long hiatus at the moment. But we will update again as soon as we can! I just might have a spare tablet that SHOULD work on this older desktop I have, but I recall having problems with it in the past. If not then, I suppose I'll have to try to save up some money for hopefully a better tablet that will last longer :/ I seem to have a terrible problem with keeping cords in good condition... I honestly have no idea what I'm doing wrong with them, I think I have them in perfectly fine condition, and the next thing I know they are fraying at the connector or crushed! I just don't know how to prevent this..

Anyway, before I make this a longer essay than it already is, I'm sorry for the long wait for updates and I hope to have something in June when I get all settled in my new place with Blue. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback and patience for this comic! I really hope we'll get back on track soon!
We were all sick last week lol.
also yayy I get to draw fuzzy blakki again.
I will probably go back to typing in the text, I don't really like my speech bubbles or how squished my handwriting seems xD

Anyway, Expect late updates this months~ It's the holidays and I'm extra busy! :[
I can see the universe in her eyes.

Hopefully going to get a double update sometime soon~ Sorry I didn't get it done last week :[
Haha this page was fun. Poor Blakki. Trying to get another page done ASAP! So expect another new page soon to make up for the away time :]
MAN I'm so glad to finally be able to get a page done again. A little different in the shading area, and the text is completely different just because I've yet to reinstall photoshop and that was the program I did all the text on. If everyone can read it fine, I might keep it like this.

Please tell me if anything is difficult to read! I'll try to fix it to the best of my ability.
I will forever imagine bubblebeam like this.
It's like trying to write a paper for school
and being able to explain it to the fullest extent in the first paragraph
but your teacher wants you to write a whole paper on it, so you bullshit the rest.


Anyway I'm getting a little better with lines and stuff. I really like the first panel even if it isn't shaded ;w;

EDIT: My apologies right now, don't expect a comic page next Monday. My computer has a nasty virus on it and I have to reformat the whole thing. I don't have the patience to work on a comic page at the moment.
Thank god I'm almost done drawing Celio.
Get out of my comic your hair is gross :[
WELL Updating late again. This is what I get for putting this off and finishing the whole thing in one day. My apologies.
Lots of different colors in comic pages now. Takes a bit longer to make them haha. Sorry this was uploaded so late.

I'll draw Pip more girly I promise ;__; She looks so manly right here. She's just a sourpuss all the time.

Also yes, she's a Kecleon. Her usual bodycolor is blue instead of green.
I was not expecting this. I am violently amused.