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I'm Daisy, 6ft with Black/blue hair. Have 6 piercings,Stretched ears. I'm a volunteer. Gaming is a passion,along with my music. Family & Friends are all that matters to me. Talking of which.. I have a bestfriend,you're about hear about him. His name is Nate, most fantastic person I know. He brightens up my day and always will. He's funny,random,witty,cute as fuck. I wouldn't change him for the world. I love his dark humour and his ability to make me smile when I seriously need it. In my dictionary the word "Bestfriend" is defined by him^^ No one can live up to what this man means to me. :) . I have a fucked sense of humour that will probably make you think I'm weird and not right in me noggin'.You may also wonder if I was dropped on my head as a baby.I probably was. Oh well. I value friendship above any material possession.My friends are my world. Life is going really well at the moment. . Msg me/add. Do whatever. Over & out.
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    Daisy Lucas
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I have just managed to catch up on most of this comic in one night.
I forgot how good it was :3
This comic is just pure orgasms :D
Love it<3
Daymnnnn, this is one mighty fine comic :D
making this a favourite <3
well done on this :)