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The Pie Ninja
Lets see... I'm a second year college student in Game Development. I speak both English and French fluently.

I love art, I love to draw and I absolutely love music. I generally attempt to find any way possible to include music in my art work.

I'm a shorty, about 5"1. I have currently long red, blond and brown hair, and brown eyes. I have 7 piercings. Two in each ear, two in my lip and one in my tongue. I have a tattoo on my right ankle.

I have a hectic life schedule at times, so I tend to disappear for a week or so sometimes.

I work in my boyfriend's video game store in my spare time. I'm fairly up to date on a lot of the new games. I also have a decent knowledge on the older gaming consoles.
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Haven't been able to update in two weeks. I'll start updating regularly once my schedule becomes a little more settled. xP
First three pages will be added within the next couple days. Already have them finished and uploaded.

After page three, I'll be updating every monday or tuesday. Possibly more, but for sure at least once a week.
Wow, looks awesome ^^
Those are all based off the high school I went to. Each of the rooms are the same rooms they were in at my school. I was in the GSA and ran the anime club. I wasn't in the musical, but they practiced in the music room where I was often.
Didn't turn out quite that great, sadly. I'm not that great at drawing with the tablet yet.

so anyways, enjoy and tell me what you think.
Aww, she's so cute! Unicorn? Nice!
That's hot! Nice job!
Welcome back!!
Oh my gosh, she's so adorable!!
Wow, nice! Very Sexy!
Hehe, drama.

It's cute ^_^.
Sorry if she's a little... detailed. I was bored this morning. ^_^
Hehe, yay. This'll be fun.

Bleeding!! Hi!!
Yay, a GL collaboration!!

May I join?

(I have better stuff on my deviantart then in my comics.)
Looks awesome. Can't wait to read!
Looks good so far! Can't wait to see more.

Just commenting on the whole "i used to be against twincest myself..untill i met the HITACHINS." Me too... those damn sexy Hitachin twins.
Haha! So Cute!!!