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Umm,goth,pretty short, love gothic stuff, read romanic novels, artist, novelst, singer.
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@Devdasi: DO IT NOW! I command you! please. <3
yaaaaay ilove portal!!!!! :D
ahaha your welcome.X3
-back away slowly.- . . . -now turn around and ruuuun- XD
hearing this reminds me the real nightinggal song, i think it went like this?
"Nighting gal, black bird. How is it you sing?" Something like that. If someone could tell me who sang it and wahts it called i would be very very happy. x3
XD i laughed sooo hard!!! Ftw!!!
army? blood issues? -looking at the background-
Happy birthday!!!
i'm addicted to your comic. <3 tommy so soooo smexy, and Dake is soooo fluffy. <3
it'd suck if she was allergic to flowers. XD
awwwwww i love the twins, they remind me oh hakuru and kanuru -i know i miss spelled there names- from ouran high.
idk why
butfrom some reasone your comic reminds me alot aboutthe book i'm reading 'beautiful darkness and beautidul creatures' isk it just does some how. but I like this a bit more. (; shhhh
this is so saaaaad!!!! D:
Pic wont load. D:
page wont load!! D: What are they saying?? ):
page wont load!! D: What are they saying?? ):
The page isnt loading all the way, can some one tell me whats going on??
Oh my gosh this is driveing me insane. Third page that wont load!
The page isnt loading again!!! D:<