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Another VG homage?
For those unfamiliar with Shin Megami Tensei, in that series, Lucifer was cast out of heaven for rebelling against YHVH's (aka, God's) policies concerning justice and free will. YHVH is rather like Yggdrasil, if you think about it, except YHVH tends to be more, well, malicious, he doesn't actually seem to care for humans in earlier games and seems to be an egotist who wants to be worshipped by everyone, and really doesn't seem to like free will, period. Especially in Shin Megami Tensei II, where you have to kill him in every ending. Not kidding.

Though, in more recent SMT games, God seems to be a nicer guy, but Lucifer is morally ambiguous.

Also, Bagramon is based of Archangel Gabriel, oddly enough.
Both franchises have their good points.
Pokemon has the better games, Digimon has the better anime, and the mangas are roughly on par with each other in quality. Well, that's my opinion, anyway.
@ Atomic Dragon
Well, "vampires are sexy" is not restricted to Twilight, to be fair. Vampires have been seducing women since Carmilla and Dracula. I wouldn't touch Twilight in a million years, but I'd love to see Davis dressing up as Alucard, who is a far better character than Edward ever was... And has more luck with Maria without even trying than Davis ever had with Kari, for that matter.
Something I came up with in an hour.
Though I've been pondering the idea for a while now. Yeah.
Okay, I laughed.
Yeah, you hit the nail square on the head for this one.

Yggdrasil has an uncanny habit of overstepping his bounds and doing stuff that makes him the bad guy. ENIAC and ABC never had that problem, really.
@Chaos Master
Some people actually think Savers sucks? Let me at 'em.

But, really, Savers Agumon wasn't really a 'replacement', he was more of a homage to original Digimon Adventure. Heck, Savers in general was meant to appeal to Adventure fans, and they threw in other Adventure homages in here and there - Koromon trying to eat Marcus' face, anyone?
Aw, Savers Agumon was cool.
@Bringer_of_light: Got worse? Seriously? Tamers was ace, and Savers was pure freaking awesome, my fave season.

Also, I do not get the Frontier hate. At all. It wasn't AS good as the others, but it wasn't bad at all.

Anyway. While they never seem to revisit old series, I don't mind. Digimon's anime seasons have always been better than Pokemon's, IMO, even Frontier.
This joke was inevitable
My second comic now. I tried to keep the joke within the PG-13 range.

Anyway, meet Keith and Christa, two of my OC human characters, and an OC Digimon, a Renamon named Vix, characters from an AU Digimon fic I'm writing, called "Another Time, Another World", whom will become regulars in my Digirandom comics, among other characters in that fic if they get sprited. I might link the fic sometime. Both Keith and Christa were sprited by Ryan Cordell, though I made some hair modifications to Christa.

Basically, you know the trope where a girl enters a guy's room, and looks around a little too closely and finds his 'stash'? Well, I threw a little twist into that one.

Oh, and yeah, this is a slightly-modified version of Lan's room from Mega Man Battle Network... 6, I think.
I've been re-watching DA02, and I got a laugh out of this one. Nicely done, Akuma.

Though, yeah, the "ed" at the end of the title just makes it look really odd.
The GeoGrey Sword is Useless
First Digirandom comic from me! Awesome.

And, yeah, I love Savers, it's my favourite season of Digimon. Though, the GeoGrey Sword's uselessness is practically a running gag.

This would be partly sprited, if, ya know, I had actual sprites of the Savers gang to go with it from the Digimon World DS games.