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There's I love you written in the stars!
mohaaa!!! XD
a-hhaa.... xD this is so awesum!~
A-ha! Smexy and cool pose ○_○ xD
Uh, oh noes...
This... this is more than sad °_° seriousely, I feel sorry for Benji and Alex right now >.>
AWW! >_< Benji's Hair is so win on this!
Hahaha, omg!
Alex looks so mature on this! °_°
And WTF Herz wants Katie's Boobiez? xDD

-Greetz from the middle Europe :D
Hahaha, omg!
Go, mama! xD

And I loved the 'why don't you fall in love with me' on the other page as well, hahaha! Couldn't imagine Shiratori blushing!!~