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I know, filler again. Blech. I've been busy with schoolwork, and new episodes will be slow coming. Sorry.
I know, these are REALLY old... I was still learning about using scanners, etc. I might be able to clean some of these up, however. Maybe.
By the way...
If you'd like to see some more Jedi action:

Yes, that's their colors.
When the idea's a little weak...
...You go for broke on the drawing. Sage advice from the great Bill Watterson.

This was fun to work on. I actually used color samples from real photos for references with skin tones, etc.
Phew! That took a while...
Sorry for the (mother of all) delays. It takes a while to add nice looking textures to things.
One of the first blatant shows of '90's nostalgia.
From New Year's Eve, 2007. Last episode of Season 1. I like the commentary on the common traps most comics fall into after they've run for a while.
This was one of the first comics that I still like. It was when it really started to be funny, to me. Plus I love House. Great Show.
It's all true.
I like the timing in this strip.
Not much to say, other than this came out a few days before Wall-E came out on DVD. So this is a little look at what the world was like back then...
Ain't I Clever?
We've all been in this situation.
In our minds.
Good Times...
This was a fun one. I've always kind of had this amorphous backstory to Chuck and Lila (as well as Makalu), and it was nice to get a chance to kind of hint at that and flesh it out a bit visually. Sort of that whole "Prequel Star Wars Trilogy" thing. The designs for their younger versions was an absolute treat to draw.(look at panel five and just try not to go "AWWWW!!!")
A Day Late, But Fun Nontheless.
Really like the way this came out. The lighting (especially in Panel 2) surprised me. Very nice.

Anyhoo, remakes of Pokemon Gold and Silver, this is a tribute comic, blah blah blah. They are so awesome too. This was a lot of fun to draw, as these games are pretty close to my heart (and Soul). Enjoy!
Stopping to smell the roses...
Every now and then, it's nice to just relax and enjoy the little things in life.
Summer Nights...
I love 'em.
The overpass in the establishing panel was a sketch of an actual overpass near my home.
The game "Poohsticks" is from A.A. Milne's "The House At Pooh Corner", a great book. Seriously. READ IT!!!
They just kinda walked onto the set...
And pointed out that yes, Googling "Anus" is totally funny and would be followed by an act of scoring.
Huh-huh. Heh-heh.
Spot the cameos!
Halloween, a fun excuse to flirt with copyrights in the form of costumes. Also a shameless DeviantART plug.
Observation, is all...
Inspired by people in an intense game of DDR, I sketched this panel in about ten minutes. More "Life's Little Pleasures" may be in the future.
Starting the year off right...
Well, it's a little while after New Year's, obviously...
Showing how long it takes to make these. I like how this kind of shows an equal sampling of each character's personality.

And hey, it's tapeworms. How can you go wrong?