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It hadn't come up in so long that I had actually forgotten about George's fairly unhealthy interpretation of "Gotta catch em all."
Trix's face in that last panel is just wonderful
Just curious, is this his little origin comic? Cause why is he gijinka while all the others have them as regular pokemon? Little thing, nbd.
Awwwww Atty's being protective.
Victory in Road Form! XD How did I miss that?
That's what happens when you let random neighborhood children name your grandchildren.
Wait why are Team Aqua and Team Magma working together? They hate each other!
Honestly he reminds me of Jaffar from Fire Emblem. With a mask.
I predict everyone or almost everyone will think Samus is a guy until the suit comes off.
My guess is the creep with the pokeball mask.
Awww Dragonthing. Also I'm gonna be the weird guy who prefers the old text
I saw it yesterday. I thought it was pretty awesome. The fight scenes were epic, and it was pretty funny. Definitely see it.
Hooray Patamon! I mean Pikachu! I mean Fernando!
Oak is the worst grandfather ever
Well the 3DS is a new system altogether. I wasnt expecting it to look too different, though i was hoping for a bit more. I never heard iPod killer rumors but w/e. I'll wait to see 3D but the graphics themselves are supposed to be much better. Oh also OCARINA OF TIME REMAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I went a little fanboy there :3