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I'm 13 years old, I'm the Dreamer Girl, who dreams alot when to sleep.
I loved drawing since when I have Art class in kindergarten~
I just a child alike but sometime act like a tween...(-_-;)
*edits 2011 is the year of the new year!*
Hello! Its been a long time since I haven't make any comic or old comic pages upload so for now on, I making a pokemon fancomic but with my OC! ^^ hehe but its soon since I'm in the writing progress for that comic >.> and also I'm have high school stuff works like homeworks and stuffs haha ^^;;;
My likes/Hobbies:
Chocolate! Freak Awesome games! Drawings! Fun! Breaking time~

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    Danielle M.
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Here's the Mama Dad!
As you see, this is a non-color however I'm only color the new characters that shown up this page and the future pages XD (another to color the page is there a special event or something XD;;; this is why I want to try doing that ever since I read a lot of webcomics ;) )
Oh, that bottom was my comic with a copyrights to my two accounts XD;; one for DeviantART and other is from SmackJeeves ;) I do that when there's a empty space area in my comic ^^;

I was drawing her dad, and he sort of make me think of Sakura Kinomoto's dad XD;;; haha, because of that mama apron thing he was wearing since Hoshi's dad...can cook few recipes ^^; hehe...
Finally Page Five came :D
Man, coloring this and previous pages make me tired = u =;;;

Then the next page and the future pages will be on noncolor :)

Haha, that girl is the REAL Hoshi ;)
@Kai the Comic Maker
I used Paint Tool Sai :), Has been practice using this program to sketch, draw, lineart, editing, and coloring ^^...
Oh yeah, that words I used was from Photoshop CS4 and sometimes the bubble circle thing on the last panel is from Microsoft Paint ^ u ^, yes..this is the answer to the question of what kind of program I used :)
Mystery Happen..
^ u ^; I always end the first chapter a bit of like someone is crying over a person they loved XD;;; sorry....

But there's another girl too!? D:
Oh the last panel say: "Yu..." If some of you notice this words :L Just to remind you...
XD This is the first page I ever drawn in digital, so long that I have never make a better comic than I used to :) but...still a rookie = u =;;

So....WHOSE THAT GIRL!? Hmmmm~ F3
MS Paint...
Ugh, I have to let the fixer fixes that computer I used that much =.= right now, I'm using a laptop that has not SAI or Photoshop CS4 so instead, I used the MS paint...just ONCE! okay D:.... I need my computer fixed ; A ;

Yes, the diagloues thing was suck in this page and yet the first panel's picture was just a picture I found ^^; Sorry, I don't haave SAI to draw it...haha, oh yeah, the last panel is actually a random trainer! If you're thought of Ash ^^; I thought of putting him there but oh well, I can't instead draw random trainer by mouse ^^;;;
February 27th, 2011
Did di did did did SHINYA spit out blood D8> What's in earth happens ; n ;!
Interesting Comic
Good job on this comic ^^

MAN of ACTION is a group of creators,writers that owns Ben 10 ^^;

I research about that. That's why people thought is might be a nickname more than a group name...don't put a bad comment on mine please ^^; just telling the truth...anyways nice work on the Ben 10 Comic ^^
February 19th, 2011
Oh Yuusss XD
NaruxKei! <3 AkarixShinya 8///D XD Kissing scene ~ hehe :3
The background and effects are EPIC * o * ohohohoh <3 <3
Cliffhanger > 3 <~~~~

MOAR MOAR XD nana~ (lazy to comment...haha)

Btw nice picture of that (Also...lazy to comment that on Deviantart ^^; )
Kid Sheri is on Chibi-form! ; n ; because I was drawing her as a child but instead, I actually draw her a chibi-style >.>'' but however I use that if i was tired to draw a child age.....^^;;

COLORING makes me think of MANGA :O
Only ONE mistake in this
AAAhhhhh but I'm done!!! ; n ; oh well, just ignore her Eevee's ribbon-collar because the TEAR A-LIKE is actually color in crystal sea color but has forgot to do that while ago DX
but that's fine ^^;;
@blizzaed (Guest)
Ah, sorry! This is a mistake in her born year, is actually 200X but the X is whenever if that's 2006 or random because I am lazy for years to count so yeah ^^;;

because I got rush that part ^^;;
Hehe, here's the character sheet
Hehe, this is Sheri McLean, our heroine of the comic-story! ^^

....I HAVE FUTURE IDEAS about her already but I don't wanted to put a spoiler so instead I just like that ^^ hehe, I may be bad at writing explanations but oh well, I like it ^^

The comic pages of Chapter One will be soon as soon I could have my time to write the chapter one on weekends and fridays ^^;;

Oh yeah, the corner says is was finish mean I have finish my first one, ^^;;-

Ireth and Rune (I have not sure if that her name DX;;)....YOU GUYS KISS NOW! D<

btw, when do you usual updated this comic and I love your HTTYD comic!
Finally this is my third comic for now on, Im doing this after all than the old comics i have.

But Characters sheets coming soon my dear~ Only her and her Eevee first ^^.
Maid-sama parody o.o
the 3 and 4 panel remind me of how Misaki got drunk and when Usui use his cellphone to do that....and is how's happen~ :3 LOL
I LiKE YOUR COMIC :3 and yet "Sugoi Chara" is making me laugh and also remind of Ami. I LOVE SHUGO CHARA ROCKS XD! <3