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hey there im paul im a comic book artist i draw everthing and anything, i also paint. movies are a passion of mine action super hero sci fi being my favs. i love the music of pearl jam and im addicted to getting tattooed.
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    paul johnson
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the pages with the storm were my favourites when i was colouring them, they turned out just how i wanted them to. pannel 2 is one of my favourite pannels in everything ive done so far, it would make a cool t shirt.
well thats it the end of isue 1 i hoped youve all enjoyed it, issue 2 will follow not sure when but it will.
well that was book one i hope you all liked it, book two will follow very shortly.
post date
i'll be posting the whole of book 1 next monday, its just being re lettered it was originaly hand written, i put it together years before i had the power of technology. ive also taken out all of the bad language, 10 years ago it was cool but im a different guy now.
i illustrated the city beyond over a decade ago my art style has changed quite allot over the years, but the book has been sat in my desk for a while now and its time i shared it with anyone who wants to read it.
love this page, the colouring is fantastic.
September 8th, 2010
nice cover im interested right away.
page 1
well here it is page of children of the dawn.