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I am a reader, I am also someone who will thank you for your continuity of the story you write. My name that I use was for one purpose, to remind writers that someone named "Conartist" has favoured your comic/manga and to most people "Conartist"'s are known for their work. Hopefully most writers find this as a heads up before disappearing mid-way through their story.
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No, I'm just kidding but I have to say good work. Out of the stories that I favour yours has surpassed my expectations on not only continuity but the aspect that it stays a story. For every story I read on smackjeeves I always get my hopes up for artists/story-writers that they'll be able to continue but they seem to either go MIA or end a manga/comic abruptly without a reason. So I not only thank you for giving me a good read but also being so dedicated to your story.
Your doing great, and hopefully you find something that makes you happy. :D
Yeah well, I've been reading this for a long time... and I hope you come back soon to continue the story.


from: Big fan of Yuri/Shoujo-ai ^_^d