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keep up the good work x
keep up the good work x
Anjel Smrti
September 1st, 2013
@RenRou: it works now. thank you so much x
Anjel Smrti
September 1st, 2013
the page just won't show to me... am I the only one? :/
Stop! Hammer time!
Rory is so hot
Anjel Smrti
April 5th, 2013
i've got to say... at first I didn't like this comic at all and I only read it because I was very bored... But seeing how the story got deeper and deeper... I love it now and I can't wait for new pages...

And your art gets better and better with every page...

I moved into another country, found a boyfriend, got new work so I don't really have time for this. I haven't been drawing in ages and my skills are kinda... Rusty...
I don't remember really... But I rarely use references...
aye... here it is :)
O hereby I leave you with a massive cliffhanger...
Woo I managed to get things right...
Here have a page
Dawww... I just killed him in the game Loki D:
Didn't look as hot as this though
I am so very sorry for neglecting this.

Here, hope you'll enjoy at least this crappy update... :(
I'm soooooo sorry.
It took me so damn long to update.
I had like 5 versions of this page but I couldn't decide which one was the best. I decided for this one.
I'm sorry it's so crappy. I haven't drawn anything for over a month.
I hope I'll get to update this more often in the future.
Yay an update.
Crappy though.

Just wanted to... disappoint you a bit lol.
Surprise update.

OMG I wonder what's gonna happen next O___o

So I decided to continue this comic.
But I won't upload as often as before.

I want you to know how it ends :)
Another page this weekend :3