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March 7th, 2015
@GG: thanks for letting me know... I had fix all the grammar error :D
what's going on?
August 12th, 2014
that explain why her personality a bit off
August 12th, 2014
this story is epic I finish reading all at once :D I LOVE IT
sorry for deleting
I am sincerely sorry for deleting all the pages I had made through out this pass few year... I know I am still continue making this romance manga here... but these pass few day I re-read it and I can't stand the fact that there are many plot holes and the art style is not as great...

So I decided to remake all those pages beside chapter 3 and onward... so instead of keeping chapter 3 I decided to Delete everything and update this story in a better form...

I know I will loose a lot of fan for doing this, but as a writer and comic artist... I doesnt want my fan or viewer to read crappy artwork and plot hole story... so I will decide to upload the remake style... with better art and more deep storyline...

so hope you still continue support me, the story will be the same but there will be more different then the old version... ( BESIDE THE ART XD)

so hope you still support me and don't hate me... I know I'm a piece of potato =_=

thanks for reading :D I would love to have some feed back too :D
@sakuradance54: Im actually thinking of redrawing all the pages 1-2 for some reason because I find my olod art style is so hideous to look at
I want to change the cover just to prove that I will do a hyper update on this story XD I will continue this story for sure XD
@Chikukko: really somehow I dont see the different XD I guess I was high off of blue screen of dead XD
July 26th, 2014
@lalaland: I am really thankful that you willing to sit here and wait but Im so sorry I might have to set this story on hiatus due to blue screen of dead and addition to hardware problem T_T so hope you understand XD
I saw this on paigeeworld O_O
@sakuradance54: suki should bitch slap them XD
revenge never a good idea=_=
I love how this is going, :D
am I the only one who have that song by Jason Derulo " talk dirty to me" play while reading this comic XD LOL... good comic so far but seriously I hope that her bf cheating on her doesnt make her feel desperate to the point she chase after a stranger then do it with them XD
Your work is so cute to the point I must comment XD... is freaken adorable.
@sakuradance54 wow I didn't say anything about stealing maybe because the way I input my speech got you confuse XD
OOOH~ I love where this is going, you are a good writer :D and I cant wait for more
your art and story telling is keep getting better and better :D
I read the whole thing, the story is getting real good and indeed very emotional, and you improve in the art too, good job *A*