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Army Gags: A comic I made thirteen years ago (finally completed)!

I posted this series of comics I made when I was eight years old back in 2013. Unfortunately there were two missing (#7 and an alternate #12). I've now finally found them and uploaded them for your viewing pleasure (complete with my older, wiser commentary). Enjoy!
#12 Alt Page 14
Oh hey, it's this thing again (see #13). Yeah, another nod to the unfinished book I was writing at the same time I was doing Army Gags. I suppose you could play spot the difference with the version of this ad which appears in Issue 13.

And that's actually, legitimately it! That's all the Army Gags I ever did and will ever do. Though on that note, I thought it would be interesting to see how much my drawing has improved in the 10 or so years since I made these comics. The unfortunate truth: it really hasn't.

As I said at the end of #15, there is some other miscellaneous comic stuff I did around this time in the same art style with the same dreadful writing, but I've decided I won't upload it here. I want this site to be just the Army Gags stuff. So that being said, thanks for reading and cheerio!
#12 Alt Page 13
This Magnetic Martin thing was actually based on an idea the REAL Jack had, and it was the comic I was going to do after Army Gags. For better or for worse, it never saw the light of day, but I imagine if I'd actually made it, there would be very little about him actually being magnetic, in true Army Gags spirit.
#12 Alt Page 12
See? I told you that was the last page!
#12 Alt Page 11
I guess the perspective of those last two panels makes it look like the entire planet was destroyed. Maybe it was? Not that it matters seeing as this is the last page.
#12 Alt Page 10
What was the motivation for the alien planting a bomb on his own craft? I'll tell you: he wanted to finish up this story as quickly as possible.
#12 Alt Page 9
Fun fact: See those alien characters? I actually invented an entire alphabet for this issue, of which you only see a few snippets here. If you look closely, you can probably work out what they are saying.
#12 Alt Page 8
Obviously they hadn't learned the lessons from what was at the time the preceding issue: you can't breathe in space.
#12 Alt Page 7
Maybe Jack was sleeping outside? I dunno.
#12 Alt Page 6
The Goofy Arrow (tm) makes one last appearance, for old times' sake.
#12 Alt Page 5
Seems like the meaning of the word 'ensemble' was lost on the young me.
#12 Alt Page 4
Back in the day, I seemed to think sweat was evenly distributed over someone's entire face in perfect droplets.
#12 Alt Page 3
I suppose this alt issue could chronologically appear after #15, serving as a wrap-up for the entire series.
#12 Alt Page 2
An easy way to tell I was sick and tired of doing these comics was that this wasn't even an Army Gags-themed ad. Just a straight-up ad for Wotsits. I don't even like Wotsits.
#12 Alt Page 1
Right, here we are then. Not chronologically the last issue of Army Gags, but the last one to be found and added to the site.

I'm aware these lines are VERY faded (another victim of sun exposure I'm afraid), but I didn't correct it at the time unlike #13 and I don't really want to go back and mess with it now.

So the premise of this other Issue 12 was that I'd started work on the Issue 12 I ended up running with, which I then lost. At this point I was getting tired of doing Army Gags and wanted to try something else. Hence I very quickly whipped up this alternative 'finale' issue (which I cut short even then, as evidenced by the scribbled out subtitles on this page).

Later, I found and completed Issue 12 and this one was consigned to history.
#7 Page 24
Even though I finally nailed the spelling of the word, obviously I still had no idea how such copotitions worked.

So there's the lost Issue 7, back in its rightful home. Stay tuned for the alternative Issue 12, coming right now!
#7 Page 23
I think that extra 'D' in the title might have been too much of a spoiler.
#7 Page 22
What's this? A fun page that hasn't been solved? Have at it, readers!
#7 Page 21
Don't it just? I think the irony of this closing line might have been lost on me as a child.
#7 Page 20
Army Gags as a whole would become a lot stranger if you assume my poorly-drawn corridor perspective shots are actually walkways suspended in the abyss flanked by doors.