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Shiny pokemons!!
I love pokemon, Digimon and lots of other mangas and toys. I also am a big fan of video games and love to watch tv and read books. Like the warriors, Septimus heap, Calvin and hobbes books.I read many comics and have a friend who is making her own comic, she is havin troubles.
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I think I really like Hades character. He's so cool, and he knows himself so well.
Shiny pokemons!!
October 5th, 2013
Omg an update... I almost forgot about this comic...
I'm gonna WRECK IT!
Hmm... Is that directed at SAO? Cause that guy was insane...
Yay! You're back! (^.=.^)
This would be the turning point, am I right?
Scarves are cool now...
And that, my friends, is how you get pwned.
Simple, something huge is going on, and the Dreamers are at the center of it. So traveling with a dreamer almost guarantees that you couldgo down in history, and Riza's definitely not one to turn people down.
Bashing Nickelback with Style...
Hey there!
It's the old man!

Happy Singles awareness day! XD
Throw that ball then mash all the buttons! That is how capturing Pokemon works!
Something tells me it's the villians fault! Or some annoying human/mage being a total ass about the forest.
Of course, he shall kick it down with his awesomeness!
That doesn't make any sense, but whatever. Comedy at it's finest people.
Wow, I wonder how he got so many people to owe him. He must be one epic guy...
A lot of different ones.

I'm into anime, so there's lots of japanese music on my Iphone. I do have my fair share of english songs too!

Current fave song is Miracle by Shinedown. :D
Something tells me it's Kodo saying that...