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@Enderstar: It's been seven years I've had time to look it up, thanks.
Aw, The Second Post is gone... it's like a piece of my childhood that's missing.
@Pikmin master247: At the time that I made this comment, I myself was a child. It was six years ago, not sure why you felt the need to call me out for this now.
@phil the red pikmin: This was 6 years ago, I was 13 with divorcing parents. I was just trying to be encouraging by leaving a comment, cut my childhood self some slack.
@Ultima527: I know how hard it is for creative types to actually do something, everyone is full of ideas and it's so much fun to start something but doing it can be a slog. Everyone wants their stuff to just spring forth from their minds fully formed like Athena. Keep on trying!
You know what? Good on you for trying it out though.
It's so funny, I went back onto my Smackjeeves account to see what had happened to all of the old comics I used to read and it was coincidentally the same day you poked this comic. I remember reading "Chilly's Dreamland" as a kid... I'm glad to see you're still going.
Excited for this!
That hat looks like GIM's hat.
I get the feeling either Bike or his family is gonna die at some point this chapter.
Coffee vending machines are a real thing.
Turn the blame on Frank to distract from yourself.
February 17th, 2013
Equip the the textbook.
I like it. It's a very ambitious story.
I liked 2.1.30. It was a cool page.
It's a very fancy 3-D effect.
September 16th, 2012
It looks like a Druddigon. But this was released before Black and White were made. Still. Maybe he's ashamed that he's red?

Or maybe he's a human?
Getting the keystone was surprisingly easy. What was even the point of the Shedinja?
September 8th, 2012
I bet it's Eix. Well, not bet, because I'm probably wrong, but I strongly believe that it could possibly be Eix behind that door maybe.