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I'm a college student trying to get her degree in art and perhaps sociology.

I also have crazy big curly hair (not like that's really important, but apparently it's what most people remember me by).
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Ohhh! This looks like it's going to be really sweet!

Is that Charlie the Unicorn on the bottom left corner?
Your defiance makes me happy. :)
I'm very excited to see the rest of your comics! I'm also really interested in making comics based off dreams but, like clorinspats mentioned, it's lots of work (especially since I tend to remember my dreams at the most random moments), so I'm looking forward to this!

By the way, how often can you make yourself have lucid dreams?
Ahh, AP classes. They turned out to be really useful for college, but I don't miss the workload. Hope you passed your tests!
Hahaha it's a cuuurse! xD
Thank you!
I've been going to bed at 12 for the past two days because of the comics, man. :/
I think the revelation turned out to be subtle, but clear. Awesome! :D
que llueva, que llueva
I am working on a story, I swear. I've got some thumbnail sketches done and the idea's all warm and toasty in my head. For now, please bear with this silliness.

On today's strip: Chelsey makes another appearance! Yaay! If you live in the Bay Area, you probably know it's been pissing down rain for the past few days and it's gonna stay like that for God-knows-when. I love rain, except when it's smacking me in the face all cold and wet and unexpected.
Swim in a volcano =D
she totally is
Second page and I can't feel my neck anymore. I can't believe how long it takes me to make one of these things =/
So yeah, here's another lame anecdotal comic, this time featuring my [strike]dorky[/s] amazing artist friend.
Haha I sorta forgot to put this up first.. hehe. Sorry about that.

First comic for March Madness and I'm already feeling kinda weird. Awright!

So I actually drew this last night right after it happened. Oh, didn't I mention it? I actually did this! Yeah! Haha!(Stop looking at me like that)

I came up with a bunch of different ways to maybe make this strip a lot more efficient as I was working on it, but time runs short and I can't look at this thing any longer. =\

Here's my intro. 'Sup, everyone!
This took longer than it probably should've (Andrea's ruusty).
Oh, God, is it 11 pm already? Snap.