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I am a caricature and comic artist. Here you can check out my daily web comic, comic companions and other comics I'm working on.
I've been drawing comics since March of 2008. I started with stick figures and now I'm working on my cartoons and human figures. Slowly but surely I hope to create books that everyone can read and enjoy for both the art and story. Best of all I hope to make people laugh and smile, it's a small thing but a smile is worth everything to me.
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Great comic. It looks so very polished. Thanks for hitting +fav on my snail comic, much appreciated. Keep up the good work!
Why aren't you drawing this story? It's a good story and this is a comic website. You seem like a good artist but even if you weren't you should still get drawing. It's a wonderful way to spend your free time. :)
August 27th, 2010
Epic Kitten FAIL! Awesome. Love the pink wolf too!