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@GONE Thanks for catching that!

Hey, Sweet Beat has a coolio new site that you should totally check out!! Annnnnd, there is a brand new comic page waiting for you there right now! So you really have no reason to go see it now.
Why don't I ever get a cool, hat?
@Rakmi: You'd have to bury me deep beneath the Earth's crust to get me to stop making puns.
@Kirbysmith [DJ]: Some people just aren't as well-bread
@Rakmi I know, I know. I have an idea for another comic that I won't post anywhere else, just for you.

Hello everyone! Court and I had an amazing time at Animarathon! ( that's us at the bottom in the purple shirt and blue jacket)

We met tons of awesome people, made lots of sketch cards, and enjoyed ourselves immensely. So to anyone visiting from the business cards we passed out at the con, welcome, and I hope you enjoy the comic. Our next con will be Summit City Comic Con on May 12 in Fort Wayne IN. Stop by and see us if you're in the area.

Today we bring you this mini bonus comic to enjoy while we put the finishing touches on chapter 2. I strongly urge you to always check to see if that thing your talking into is really a phone. You might be surprised.

@Kirbysmith [DJ]: Nah, Parfait probably just skinned it alive and wears its pelt as a trophy. You know, normal stuff.
Hey Guys
So SB is still on a little break, but I thought I'd give you all an update. First of all, we're currently working on getting chapter 2 completely finished so we can have a new page for you all every week with no interruptions. We're making some good progress right now, so we'll try not to make you guys wait too much longer. In the mean time, we have this lovely piece of Parfait art to help tide you over.

Second, Courtney and I and all of our Happy Moth Studios goodies will be at Animarathon ( on March 24th in Bowling Green Ohio. We'll have stickers, prints, buttons, and sketch cards all for prices so low, we'd have to be CRAAAAZY. Well we're close enough. Also, we do have a limited number of SB chapter one books with bonus content still available. Not sure if we're going to print anymore of these once the official volume one comes out so you better hurry! So if you can make it, be sure to stop by and say hello. We may not have a lot of fans yet, but we still love you guys.

That's it for this update. Thanks everyone for being patient with us, and look forward to more SB coming soon!

Contest Time~
Kay, here's the contest lowdown. It's a simple straight-up fanart contest, just draw any character(s) and when you're finished, post them in the comments in the designated post at If you can't draw, no problem! We'll accept drawings, pixel art, music, cat costumes, macaroni sculptures, anything as long as it's related to SB in some way. Prizes are as follows:

1st place - A speaking cameo for any character you want (as long as it's your character). You could even put yourself in if you want!

2nd place - A non-speaking background cameo and the glory of second place

3rd place - A non-speaking background cameo and not the glory of second place

So get going kids!
Announcement time! We're thinking of holding a fan art contest soon. The prize will be....a cameo for you or your OC in the Sweet beats! Wow! More details will be coming soon. You can sart getting this read if you have an idea, but we won't be accepting entries until February 1st. The full rules will be posted about at that time.
@Rakmi: We must act quickly! before the bakery flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hari Kiri Rock. I need scissors! 61!
@Rakmi: But only if Parfait has enough metachlorians to activate the nanomachines in the flux compasitor!
Back again~
Hey guys, new SB! Yeah!
Look out.
Watch where you walk. I'd hate for one of you to step on a shattered piece of the fourth wall.
Hey, didja know that SB is on facebook? It's true! And who knows, maybe if you join the group you'll hear about special promotions and contests before anyone else...
And now all we have to do is put the map in place, turn the rock and open the door!

I'm glad you guys are having so much fun with this.

The completed version of this page should be finished by this Thursday or Friday since I've got tons of time because of school being off.