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I like Chaos. Inorite

I take absolutely nothing seriously. Go me! :D
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Hey guys, can you lay off Mikey?
Just because you don't like his style doesn't mean you should bash him.
Yes, the background is re-sized more than the sprites.
It's the only way to make it look normal.

Also, no offense to anyone who has been suicidal intended.
Sorry about the overall shoddyness of this.
I know the Token looks crap
I realize I called it Emerald in the first panel

It was 10PM when I made this -_-

I like Sonic Unleashed.
But some tokens practically stare you in the face. xD
It wont let me add a comic.
I don't know.
Maybe she's attracted to it.

Well, thanks.
But I do thing Mikey's are prettier.
A key life lesson.
When all else fails, give up completely.

Thanks to DA for whoever made that Ohnoes face xD
Your doing the job xD
Well, your defiantly a better comic maker than me. But it's cheating because you use Photoshop. >:C
But I do love that filmcow animation :3
The bet between friends saga is over.
Wondering why the Tails Doll is green? Well, the new author will answer that...
ENTER MIKEY THE ECHIDNA! He's a old friend of mine.
Sonic isn't dead silly. But he needs to learn how to spell~
None of you guessed right.
The killer shall be revealed....shortly ;3

Btw happy April fools
So, first guy to guess who the evil is gets mentioned in the next comic.

Your gonna have to be REAL specific though, you might not even get it.
Post over there >>>>
Don't worry. The Bet between friends series isn't just over...yet.
Sonic secretly wants to have some fun with her.
We all know it.
You gotta admit. All of those cheesy remarks Sonic says SUCK.
Yes, I know it's Mini.
But have no fear! Because that means A 6 part comic will be here soon :D
I had to switch to Cylent Night sprites. Advanced style look to small compared the Eggman.
Also, if I was to make a site dedicated to Sonic Comics (there are very few) Would any of you sign up?
I thought this up when I realized, "Woah, why does Eggman ALWAYS put in one crucial weak point in his inventions."
Also, some of the names are really plain. They work, but you gotta admit anyone could think of the Egg-go-round or the Egg Frog.
Luigi. Gets kicked around by almost everyone.