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im Chibi-San :D
i loves drawing fantasy, anthros and maybe sometimes yaoi XDD
im currently working on 3 comics :D
one is called The Fire Within my original story about my world that i created and the chars that live in it >w<

the second is called Simply Fuzzy and its juss random strips of my ferrets :D

now the 3rd is a collab comic with a friend of mine
called Twigs and Berries, its going to be yaoi XD
and it features one of my chars from my orginal story

i will start uploading soon ^____^ <3
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I get it, and Im happy with it
I've been reading the comic since its beginning days and I honestly cant believe how many years has been since its start. little more than a decade that really is incredible.
reworking an old story that was created by your young teenage imagination is hard and I've been there too. Making a reboot is completely understandable and honestly I think its the right choice.

I did the same thing with my current comic, although I only posted like 5 pages on smackjeeves LOL but the story itself wasn't finished and I had no idea where I was going with it. I was honestly hoping the plot will just come to me as I post pages haha. But I made the decision to drop my work on pages so I could rework the actual script. It has also been a decade since last I decided to do comic pages but I'm much happier with the way the story is progressing and cant wait to start posting up the updated pages once I get the first chapter done.

It's a tough decision but you're not killing the comic just revamping it. True fans will support you through this and I think you're making the right choice. Good luck with DC I'm looking forward to its new look :)
i seriously loooooove your art style!! :)

seems so interesting, cant wait to read more!
i love how shes trying to hand him the ax like "oh you wonder what chores are like? here why dont you try :) "

so rejected lol
Well Niita may be their kin buuuut i dont think she can take down all those males on her own o___o
dang Ranulfur was right though.... there is a home for his kind, its just in the continued comic Home
waaahhh color!
looooove the color! i wish i could do traditional media and backgrounds this good!
September 5th, 2015
i love the facial expressions on these puppies <3

you are amazing with the anatomy of the animals but still able to have them express their emotions easily :D
foxy robin hood
isnt that "8 0clock and alls well" from the vultures of Robin Hood? lol
omg this comic is so freakin beautiful!
i honestly cant wait till he goes back to lon lon ranch!
holy crap i didnt realize he was that big! O.O

btw this comic is stunning!!!
poor oden
he shouldve just left her earlier like he was about to. he couldve avoided his death :/
hes the chick in the relationship lol
its cute tho :3
aww Teej went in for it this time lol ;)
woooooow what a little bitch
hes like a 5 year old who got pushed to the ground and is all like "waaahhhh!! im telling!!"

but a pic of TJ's face for the cops wouldnt exactly be a good thing...SMASH HIS FONE!!
road trip
man....i would so love to do what they are doinf with a few friends :)
death cab
i love that band!! lol
yes!! yes you should!!! *bites lip*