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ninja muffin ;w;
Lovable like a muffin (maybe T.T), spontaneous like a ninja...

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I need more Herz. :|

Can't wait for the explanation... but all in due time... all in due time... :3
0 30

joshua is so cute >w<

and matt totally knows he wants to go with joshy.


i think d broke with j.... :(

I THINK. o_o but i dont know...


ohwellz, i just have to wait....


meh looooveee this comic. more than i do my gay cheerious. OwO
hooray for angels :3

and ur trial ran out. :(

oh wellz, it looks mighty good to meh!!


he died. :(

ninja muffin ;w;
April 29th, 2010
math....i dunno how i feel about it...

sometimes i hate it.... sometimes i dont.....

right now i hate it. T-T

anywho...apples love pie!!! thts soo cute >w<

hoorayy!!! drake is so drooling right now....lolz...

and i didnt know u could get a U in math. O_O

oh wellz u learn something new everyday.

<3 love the artwork!! :3

i knew j was lying!!!


ma ninja senses told meh something was up....*snnniiifffff* something, very, very dramatic...:D

lol, i think i have an idea of wat is wrong, but i dunno...

and yesh, simon is cute!!!!!!!! >w<

i love 'em all....:3
adorable... ^u^

OMGEEE!!!! i sense ze drama!!! ze drama!!!


they r all sooo cute :3

ur welcome!!!!!!!

meh loves joo!!! and ur comic lolz

so the tests went fine....=_= but sitting all day bored (sorta, i was giggling w/ ma friend almost all day) out of my ass was hard. o_o

anywho, i love this picture!!!!!!!

and lol, fuzzy, like, moss? :D

thats the first thing that came to my mind.....yeah, not too much in thar...i think... >.>







and so on.... =w=

muffin <3
ninja muffin ;w;
April 26th, 2010
he he he hee!!!


lol @ drake nd felix.... TwT


missing is my number one thang nowadays..... anywho, B is a bitchy likey!! :3


at first i thought B, drake and felix wer going to make a <3 triangle, but then malcomb came.....and ruined tht thought...b/c....well, >w>


@u@ ignore my oddness....i just want to shake it off cuz 2morrow is HUGE testing day...and the day after tht....


=_= school sucks.....

but ur comic rockz, imma look forward 2 ur update!!!!!



they r going to bring ariel the ring!!!!!1


my, my who is following eric??

mucho muffin love!!!! <3

[edit:] no, im not the first one am i?


im soo happy i died. :'D
yep yep yep.

this story is made of win. :D

and i want RRH to b next!!!!



- 3-
i died right here.

i laughed sooo hard!!!


luff this page, luv it!!!

and lol @ the side note in the page....>_> i guess ur not creepy, mr. rape-man...i just thought u were

happy b-day!!!!!!!!


i love that face, even if i jacked it off of someones......



dawww!! i wanted him to go with simon!!!!!!


but ohwellz, tho i wonder wat he's up to....


normal cousin.... oh wellz!!

OwO i have been stalking jooo!!!



thinking about it, i bet haru is going to make S drunk....then take him to his house...go to the room...

and get some cake!! XDD

i didnt specify a room...just plain room.... OuO
yay~!! ^w^

so, ok, i went missing...:)

but i have come back to awsumness....all those last pages were win. i luv 'em all!!!

i want to hit myself for not participating in the boobday....D:

and it only comes once a month too!!! wahhh!!! wahhh!!!

ok, so ill wait 4 next month... OwO

this cover is cute!!!

and oh my, drake is looking more like a man!!!! yay!!!....for ....internal muscles!!..?

so, anyways....


ur awsum 4 making it....nd now that i remember, imma go celebrate, imma tell mah friendz...

(if they listen to my idioticness, cuz they rarely do...ok, they always do. :3)


0 30
ninja muffin ;w;
April 24th, 2010
ok, so i just had to put this thar...

Drake is PMS-y!!!!

lol CCCX


ok, ill go back to reading comic...OwO
ninja muffin ;w;
April 17th, 2010

Dumbo? 8D

ok, i know who it is....>w>

it is kitteh!!

love this page, especially the mood bubbles in panel three.... OwO


first comment stole'd.

if that makes sense.

and yeah, i do that all the to nothing.... OwO

in this case though, he is talking to somebody....or somebodies.....

hur hur hurr....


the last panel is so cute. <3

simon!!!!!!! <3333

i love him. alot. 0 30

ok, so i was like O_o b/c i thought in teh first panel he was looking at his...twinky.....rolf...XDD

but then i understood it....yay!!

now i get the story....@w@

and OMGEEE!!! caves!! they r cool!!!

nd where is sexy bear...?
since when r these pages up?? ;n;

i had no internetz 2 days ago. D:>

nooooo!!! no internetz!! :O

but now i do lololool

drake is so funny, he makes me giggle. but felix has his funny moments too. :3

ahhhh~~ love ur characters!

they r sooo lovable!!!

=w= toast.

nd yea, drake stay with lil felix kitty!! so you can play with him!! nd not let him get borededed!! =^w^=


felix is all like: stay with me my shmuckums!!