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He looks sort of like a japanese comic character or something, I like him!
Wow he's pretty honest. Got to admit these two make a cute couple, though.
Also your little side story of your real life encounter adds up :D Even I accidently had eyes on things I shouldnt. Like a guy in class, at his crotch. I remember I accidently looked down at a time and he caught me, i've never felt so awkward.
@Karlijn: Thank you!
It was just a tiny tumbnail I liked so much I thought it would make a good illustration, I'm not used to drawing fighting scenes but it was alot easier than I thought it would be.
It appears in chapter 3 however there will be 20 pages per chapter after the current finished. Its been rough but im alot better now, just stressed because half of my belongings is in another appartment inside town and i got to manually get them to my new place by transit (ive been doing this for weeks, luckily i live in a small dormroom so its not that much). D:
The final move is sometime at the end of the month.
@kidcthulhu: I didnt know you had trouble with agoraphobia too, its strange because i've always had a bit anxiousity for things then after moving into the big city and living in a dorm with people 24/7 i get really stressed out and depressed, sounds are high pitch and i have to wear earplugs 24/7 if im out in public to calm me down. Luckily that works so im feeling better, but surroundings never took such a tool on me as it has the past year.
Its hard to find any cure, but to be more cautious and understanding ones own limits.
Also agree on the art part, i've had artblocks during this period but i tried to d other things like improve perspective or practice stuff, to keep it up, its also more forgiveable to draw ugly when you're just 'practicing' XD
Math will be a yes or no, i do well'ish, but never unestemate taking exams in stuff.
We're doing geogebra and diagrams/echonomic stuff, pretty basic, but so much to 'remember'. And the questions are often very vague just to fuck with ones mind.
@skyangel: Thank you for kind words Sky :), I agree that comics really helps through stuff, If you start out making comics then its hard to quit! I do it to relax as well, its alot of work but its still so calming, its really weird!
You can sit up for hours to draw, you get tired, but its the good kind of tired. I get restless from watching movies, so how to calm down and turn off stress really is different for everybody.
First of all I want to thank everyone for being so patient.
As a honest post, the past months has been living hell, I've been living oon my toes because of my livingsituation being completely unbearable, It triggered me into a very bad state where I've thought my agrophobia and depression glared up pretty badly up to a point I had to be watched over for not doing 'anything stupid'. Even comics, which are usually my biggest motivation, felt bland and meaningless. The fact I also got ADHD meant this also made it almost impossible to sit down as it got worse with the situation.
Luckily things are better now, I've gotten into an art school and I've moved in with my boyfriend.
Since then I've spent some time practicing exams and working on the next chapters. It is about 6 pages left of the current chapter, and i've scetched out the next pages, Im just waiting for my computer to arrive somewhere at the end of this month.
Meanwhile I stole my boyfriend's tablet and colored this (done with ink) and it felt good to actually do something proper comic related in colors for once.
This could work as a teaser since its a scene taken out from my scetches, the context will be explained later but you can pretty much see whats going on. WHOS WATCHING THAT STOPID HUMON?!

Anyway this is the last post I do before I start updating again, I got no proper date yet since im not sure when my stuff arrives but sometime this month! (Also I got math exams soon wish me luck!).
@kidcthulhu: Yeah haha, I do! In a creepy way the comic couldve worked as a horror story more than anything else. A funny one that is.
@Vigor Mortis: No prob! I recommended this for my bf so i just ran through but ill link him the mainpage meanwhile til it fixed! ^^
Awwwww!!! They're so cute!!!!!!! :D jeeZ if you ever were to make Tangentville merchendise a tshirt of the first panel or something like that would totally be cool!
BLT and transgingered XD I am dying here
Love the joke in here, haha.
Its cute she's making her own game, I sort of ant to try that too sometime! :D
@kidcthulhu: Oh my god it reminds me of a Jon Tron video I saw earlier of a review thing of 'Dark Dungeons' a comic basically calling out on all games like this, the movie is hilarious.
She must be careful so she doesnt fall into the pit of evil roleplay!
Aw no :( I like her! Hope to see her back soon... Also, Solia is so cute with her growling tummy.
Wait are they reading lesbian fiction?! XD
Haha her hair! She admires her fro. :D
Yo! Just wanted to tip that this page is unavailible/broken! And the next ones too.
Some pop up here and there I'd recommend go through the pages and check. >_<
@kidcthulhu: lol ye her face was avatar worthy xD thank you. And yes I imagine coloring traditional must be such a strain
@Karlijn: When I started out with Extinct I couldnt draw one single monster, but I decided to specialize in drawing HP-Lovecraft-inspired creatures as a bit of a help. I sort of fell inlove with drawing dumb tentaclemonsters after that. There will be more of them :P This comic is basically meant to be a bit 80s-science fiction-like with the strong corny acid-like colors and such. But i've always been a lover of strong contrasts.
Also thanks XD Haha. Me too, soon though!
What made this sort of fun was I could draw other sorts of alien, I imagine this being a subrace in terrakins.
Also possibly the first proper female of the species i've drawn so far.
Piff and Gilly started as some weird characters I drew one day for fun, I had them in the back of my head for a while until I got the chance to do a tiny comic-story for a magazine that usually gets sold during Oslo comic expo.
So I jumped the wagon and joined in, even if im not 100% pleased with this story since it could been so much better, its something.
The next page of Extinct will be in a few weeks, I'm currently moving and my computer and desk is still in my old flat so I have problems being able to draw that much.
I'm currently doing groundwork for the next chapter and the chapter after that, which will be way smaller chapters than this.
Its nice to do some actual storybuilding and its so helpful to do thumbnails. AND FUN!
Quite a few referances in this but I think the Rick and Morty one is the most obscure.
XD The Haven and the seasam street characters being in a cult is a inside-joke going on on our drawing club, she got tired of Ahiti and needed something new. I also arent the best at drawing Harrison Ford he looked like some weird ...something.

PS.Just as a reminder in case you didnt catch it the first time I've added a prologue to this comic this spring! :D