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Haha, poor tentacle monster.
He could've been like "Dude, you interupted my dinner, so ill just eat you instead" but i imagine he actually has manners.
Yay the two main characters meet >:3
Its as glorious as I imagined. Isnt it weird how when cool stuff happen in a comic one draws its often the time where you have to take breaks or real life decides to take over?!
At least it makes it fun to return to...
@ashtree-house: haha, im not sure how many comics you've been missing out on but i recon its going to be quite a few nights worth of reading since you're active on duck comics too and probably read stuff there xD
@ashtree-house: Thank you :D
Not sure where you left off, but i recon it was about a chapter or so ago. Ive not been updating it as often as want to since school started or else i'd be at chapter 5 by now.
That horse in the second panel looks like she knows she's hot stuff and she's posing up XD

And speaking of those watercolor brushes that holds water in... I too bought one for summer myself to use when sketching around in the park AND THEY'RE SO COOL :D
Lovely colors on this, not sure if its because they're new but they were a bit more vibrant, maybe its the lime-green background.
Heh well you could take in all-year reader questions? Just collecting those you get then occasionally have arcs like this ^^'
Did she just smack pearls bum?! Maybe its just my eyes playing a trick.
Amazing she answered all of those questions.
No one blames you, sometimes one needs a time-out and just to do something else for a while. Hope you find the joy to do comics again. It takes some time to adjust to new things and happenings in life. Congratulations on all the new stuff :D
@skyangel: NOT SURE if want to know about the carrots and handcuffs haha!
Thank you! I cooperated on this side story with my boyfriend (not sure if you read that in description but ill mention it in case so i cant take all the credit!XD). I look forward to put more up, its been so much happening the past months in real life and the comic itself has been stuck for too long lol. At least you got time to catch up.
I know what you mean. Artists will always try to get better but there is never really an "end" to the learning curve. There will always be things you don't know and you will always feel 'in the middle' and honestly that's the place you want to be.
In the comic community there is always a handful of people that seems unwilling to take advice or constructive critique.
They never really progress ever and they feel comfortable staying in that spot.
On a comic course I went to one of the lectures mentioned these are 'stranders' because they rest in place and are unable to get anywhere.
A youtube artist mentioned that the more you 'hate' your own art the more you have the ability to be getting better. Being able to see your own mistakes means your ability to see mistakes are a few levels above your drawing-skill and its easier to adjust your skill to be on the same level as the eye-level. .
There's always people better, or worse!
I realized I got way too high expectations on my own art...
It never becomes EXACTLY how you want it to be. Art is a journey, not a destination. Looking back at old art helps to know where one stands in the learning curve and its easier to look at the whole picture.
I usually learn by copying things i like. Not directly like its my own art of course, but doing sketches of things i like about their art. A particularly well-drawn nose, or eye, or expression...
Then later you will always pick up things and make your own versions. Its how i progress most of the time, just doing life drawing does nothing for me if i don't know tricks to transfer real life images to drawings.
I'm sure you already know this though since i think you once mentioned you've been at art school or maybe im thinking of Sarah haha.

As for todays page, love it!
I am guessing maybe Nik will get a new roomie soon (maybe)?! Looking forward to see thenext page of this story.
She's such a nice old lady.
Page 03/04.
I've started working on the next pages of Extinct, so i imagine ill start it up after this comic is done and eventually make this comic to its own webpage later for short stories ^^
@Karlijn: Maybe you need a special elixir from Madam Petrique too?
I hope you're not allergic to rats!
@Karlijn: Thanks! The first panel is actually the only thing I line-arted in this comic, haha. Its alot bigger, since I had to do it on its own a3 sheet and just sort of crop it to work. We at first didn't agree if there was going to be a establishing shot more or not so it was left open for a while.
Pupper will make everything okay!
And most importantly....Was it built on rock and roll?
I wonder if our vegetable garden will escalate into something like this...
It's the fine line between racial stereotypes and knowing how to make art which portraits them correctly. I think your art so far has done good since you never really make fun of a race. Drawing diverse people is preferable than just drawing the same over and ove. If there is something you really nail to do it is doing different looking characters!
Also thanks! I've offered to do some dis stuff for him later in return but we'll see haha- then the tables have turned! I'm curious how I'd line his artwork.....
Oh damn that episode is brutal haha. I've had rick and morty references in the past, like where Bido (same guy who almost got his ass kicked by Lara) appears in the "piff and gilly" short comic and offer them potatoes in trade of recipe for dark matter. XD since he later showed up as a crew on septiocon along them Its not that unthinkable that Morgan could be interested In it and it being a thing! XD I should make more madam petrique stories but next short is going to be a snuffy orgin since I couldn't do it during the workshop due short deadline :-)
@kidcthulhu: It was inspired by norse architecture, so it makes sense...Even on an alien planet somewhere. :D
Combining things that usually don't make sense is my favorite thing to do!