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@kidcthulhu: Oh man Mr.Mackie is like the guy you'd expect be on drugs.... So far, PC principal is my favorite character so far though. He's totally okay with space drugs as far as I am concerned!
November 21st, 2017
@kidcthulhu: nope XD. But Blaze had some pretty awkward encounters on earth with his ex boyfriends grandparents. Writing g aliens makes them automatically almost repeat history since humans are not used to them. It made the movie district 9 pretty interesting too since they basically wrote a movie with aliens being the minorities and highlighted a problem in society in a sci fi setting.
November 20th, 2017
Hmmm never thought of that when dating aliens from other planets... The mother thing, I mean..
Though cross-species dating are hilarious especially with families involved.
Wtf Lucy... I sort of get why she didnt believe it... But still... I dont know. I guess faking her death made it easier for her to get away... But honestly it sounds like a quite thin excuse to fake someones death only because Lucy didnt want to believe that it was her half sister. :|
And here's page 2. Only a 3 week+ delay...
I shouldnt complain, i've not had one of those ''art blocks'' for years as I remember.

EDIT: Oh yeah, kids-don't do weed, not even space weed.
Aw, I believe in you, wormfood!
@Dadaph: I am intrigued of seeing this tech wizard appear into the comic.
@kidcthulhu: I have another question of importance, like how does that chip fit into that tiny pocket?
Lets make Dadaphs brains twist and turn figuring that out!
It is all so deliciously complicated.... And disturbing at the same time. I imagine when Lucy knows the truth (which i am almost certain she will at some point) that the reaction wont be pretty. She's already shown she has some issues. This is just a trainwreck waiting to happen!
Sarah should probably start finding a new place to live lol.
November 11th, 2017

This meme ruined ewoks for me.
November 11th, 2017
Haha her dream sounds crazy indeed!
I actually had a dream similar to that, sort of, when I was a kid:
I was at the mall and had to escape when a huge cow-sized BROWN CHEESE started chasing people (a brown cheese on four legs).
November 11th, 2017
The way you draw Pearl she often look a bit depressed or at least very serious. Not that one can blame her considering her past.
Just makes me wanna hug her.
This is relatable. Those poor lobsters in fishtanks.... :(
Remember having to go through the horror as a kid and still hate to eat shellfish.
Ron is in such a shitty situation, In all honesty its easy to see where this is going and why. I mean of course he should been honest all along before this escalated... But... Poor Laura and Lucy though- I wonder how Laura copes with all this, pretending to be dead and all...
I immediately remembered that scene from the second panel!
Glad he survived the week.
There's always that one shitty boss who just pretend issues isnt there haha.
Especially when the computer starts bleeding its usually a bad sign xD
November 6th, 2017
The shining is such a fun movie i love this arc haha. That scene is definately the most creepy in the movie!
LOL WHAT. I like this arc and its crazyness. Good job!
@skyangel: Thanks! It was sort of what I was aiming for, I wanted the horizontal line to be somewhere in the middle to make it look 'real' as a viewer. Like you're standing on a platform or something and looking down but also UP.
I still try to get better at perspective, often end up just confusing myself though.
@kidcthulhu: Thanks! XD
I thought of 'centaur' but realised it could be a bit impractical on a space station/ship. Though we already got a bunch of impractical aliens...