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Oh no this cliffhanger is killing me too!
She's alone to check out chicks but dont know how....Love it.
Chris sure loves her beer, didnt she just order 2 for herself?! :D
August 15th, 2018
Love how they're all so happy and smiling in that last panel. Its never wrong, always like that right before hell breaks lose lol.
August 10th, 2018
@Karlijn: HAHA WOW. XD It really must be!
Oh nooo not the amazing super heroes. XD Only the guy who loves coffee left to save the day!
She almost nailed it!!!!!!!!!
Someone send hero man off to a deserted island with no way to return, please.
August 8th, 2018
I loveeeee the third panel, she's so cute! And buying 2 beers is a good idea, saves so much stress.
It looks alot like a bar we have here in Oslo. The walls arent pink though, they're red. Maybe its a universal gay-bar thing having that layout or something. XD
@kidcthulhu: I can totally not blame them haha
August 7th, 2018
@kidcthulhu: that makes sense ... Its also scary because chances are very high a superhero would turn into a jerk. I mean, it happens to any superpower out there. Presidents, supervisors, bosses... Power brings out the worst. I've always liked the villain stories or neutral parties more than superheroes..
August 7th, 2018
@kidcthulhu: Haha aww, Dadaph likes to sit at my desk then pretend he is me to annoy me-Then I walk up to him with a cup of coffee i made for me saying 'here, Linn' and he freaks out by the sight of coffee and runs off. Coffee is his cryptonite to him. Im sure he'd be fine with a cocoa though. Dadaph has mentioned wanting to go a con there for some time as he has alot of friends there, so who knows, maybe someday.. If we do, we'll bring some glogg!
@kidcthulhu: Actually, if anything, Morgan is the only one who actually CARES about his yurk underlings. Its one of the reasons he had to step down as a captain. But still, just to be safe, i guess serpent teen would be better off at somewhere else.
Also love his costume.....He would fit right in with my yurk characters, actually. If it dont work out with hero dude, ill give him Morgans number.
August 6th, 2018
I always read the newest comic first, then go back to where i left, then start commenting backwards after reading it 2 times...My comments are probably showing up in your inbox all backwards. Call it a character flaw.

Hero man is one of the characters in this comic which really comes off as creeepy. Not sure why the entire 'hero is a huge pervert' trope is even a thing, I saw it in Rosalarian's comic 'Lesbian pirates from outher space' too with the guy being the 'hero' being the perfect imbecile.
It still works though, but in your particular comic one often sympatizes with the bad guys haha
August 6th, 2018
If I could ever had an appearance in this comic ever, this would probably been it....
Free coffee = sold!
Love how your author comment sort of makes a great 'second' punch line for this comic.

Hug box should punch him with hugs and then the others should throw coffee at him.
@kidcthulhu: Hehe yeah, who'd think she's only 19 years old! Thank you, the new SJ thing is if you dont have a banner the comic wont show up in archives at all, GMMW has been hidden for so long because I didnt have a proper banner for it. Ironically that cover image I just updated with is 2 years old or something, I just forgot to actually put it up.
I'm working on a comic at the moment set in the GMMW universe, it will get a new page because it has a new 'cast' so to say.
The character arcs from this will probably reappear in the comic though! I've not found a name for it yet, but it is a possibility It will just be called The concrete jungle, and it will be even more Oslo-accurate (as I now live in Oslo and know how Oslo-people work from the inside hurr hurr).

Meanwhile- gorgeous fanart from bekeblob as a suggestion for Fishladys upcoming gig. Sushiroll costume is very relevant for first chapter!
Bekeblob has great stuff on her page and is a good friend of mine from art school.
Her art pages-
@kidcthulhu: Researching tribes is super interesting! I did that too when designing terrakian tribe lore, which was mostly for myself haha. Often just doing world building for things with no further purpose can be relaxing... You never know if you need it one day or in worst case, you learn something new and cool! Humans are extraordinary and there's so much to learn about the different cultures everywhere.
@kidcthulhu: Haha, thanks! I did this drawing trying to practice exaggerating facial expressions and more comic-ey styles, then thought it would work as a announcement drawing and naturally a bad pun must be in order. But maybe ill do this as a regular thing each friday up til the other project is finished. XD One exaggerated drawing, one pun!
Hey there
I'm taking a quick hiatus from updates to do some work for a comic contest, I'll also try to do some buffers for Extinct in the meantime, i recon the comic will be back by the end of august if not sooner, depending on how quick I can draw this other project.
Ill do an update on the last WIP page though one of these days, though.

Meanwhile, hope you all enjoy the summer!