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@kidcthulhu: Haha, I am, I think its one of my absolute favorite bands. I like alot of types of music, its often what inspires me to draw.
Arcs forms when listening to songs, I especially felt that ELO connected alot with this comic, as well as alot of other songs of course. Daft Punk has their own characters in this XD
I do sort of wonder what happened to the kitty girl, hopefully she's ok.
Her speaking their language all of a sudden is beyond freaky.
Like this idea for an arc, a summer job one.
If her girlfriend DIDNT like her outfit would it mean she'd turn down the job though XD!
Its an allround comic! :D (like the spice allround spice, works with everything)
That last panel is so great, also a great page.
I love these two, ill admit Mo is pretty hot :)
Hahaha Buck XD This is like a candyshop for him.
Ohh boy.

The song is called 21st century man by Electric Light Orchestra. (link to audio video
The comic itself is sort of inspired by their album ‘Time’, which is why I also picked out the weird color palete for the comic, to make it more 80s like.
@kidcthulhu: She does, I remember pointing it out too. Its cool, but so painful to color I imagine. I hear him swear alot about it while coloring XD
I am so tempted on making a dumb spin off with Panik as a unhappy waitor at a coffee bar now.
@kidcthulhu: Haha the pop thing I did to illustrate that anything goes when they go through their morphis phase. Blaze had some stuff in his hair too. He special design clothing for combat though so it doesn't get to a problem in the future xD then this comic would easily turn into a huge fan service/hentai thing haha.
@rougey: some fresh air will do her good!
@kidcthulhu: hahaha he's only 98% evil indeed. And 2% shellfish!
Ill give heads up if I make anything else in the future, it's not impossible I might put together something on my own too eventually :)
If you happen to be in Norway tomorrow there's Oslo Comic Expo going on. Ill be there on friday helping out in a stand belonging to the drawing club i am part of, selling bobla, a tiny magazine put together by different artist. This years theme was 'The future' (The Piff an Gilly comic is part of it).
I thought for a second it was Butt butler, which sounds like a legit anime. Buck-yaoi would be interesting though!
Mo would be a good Ranma, I remember reading it as a kid and wanting his powers!
Hahaha whaaat she enjoys her thong ride up?! xD
I guess for someone not used to that sort of stimulia its...different.
666 the number of the beast!!!!!!(jersey devil that is!).
He's so cute for a little devil. Love his hammer XD
You've put in alot of work into these anime posters. I'm not so familiar with the anime you've put up either but it was still fun drawings :)
I like the set up on this particular page, the characters are well composed and the anatomy too!
Olivia looks hot, I sort of wonder why her skirt is ripped in two though XD
Had to google that castle, i love castles!
I see they even showed cinema movies like Harry Potter there/Luna Cinema.
Seeing Harry Potter in such castle must be an amazing experience.
Lovely page and especially loving Lucys red hair/lipstick combined with her blue top and shoes. She's so cute in this.
Drawing someone trying to make them look genuinly sad when I cant draw them actually crying is hard. If he could he probably would though. His angst almost looks insincere when i draw him hah...

Updates mon/sat from now on :)! Im in Denmark visiting my family so the updates got a bit shattered because i didnt want too much time between them.