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Born and raised by vikings.
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I love Tomos pj's aww. I feel the nudity would be funnier if it was the seamonsterdude who stood there shrieking he's in the nude, but that's just me. It could also be because she happen to be the only one that identify fully as female there and she happened to be the nude one, that rubs me a bit the wrong way.
Haha noo this comic is just too real. Like If I remember straight a chocolate bars worth of calories takes an hour of worth of running to get ridd off. Its hard, currently trying to lose a bit of weight too :(
I think its easier to eat small portions of sweets now and then than to cut down portions in food though. The brain will always trick you into wanting more food and feeling hungry after a meal. Its unfair.
@kidcthulhu: There's not really an original drawing, its nostagic because I drew him in Havens garden (though i did some changes to it with the porch).
Thank you! :)
@Luca+: You could say it also has to do with what sort of people you're with too. Some are very emotional and open, some are more fun and games. Or they could be like mine- greeting everyone they like with 'Whats up, virgins!' XD
This is sweet, she has a couple of great friends. Honestly they're super understanding. Almost so understanding i'd almost expect there to be some sinister motive if i was Fenella xD!
Ive not done much updates on any of my comics lately, its been alot of school stuff, as well as i held a exhibition with a friend where we put out our art for people to see and buy (it went great!). This illustration was one of the works I put out for sale.
Its a nostalgic drawing of Zen from Good morning, Miss Winter. Just in my current style.
@kidcthulhu: what you're describing is basically the number 1 issue i got too xD like you got this epic idea but on paper it feels like it needs something more. Often it can be resctrictments in art or even writing that does it. The idea can be more powerful than the actual result most of the time so its why its important to have some fun with it too. I think as a reader the more easy going the story the better... I got this thing with the Extinct comic, and realised that i dont want to spend 4 years on this project... The idea is still pretty good in my head, but on paper it didnt turn out like i wanted...So until the day i can make that epic story, i rather do smaller stories. And do it for fun with character-driven plots rather than heavy stories. Maybe its something to aim for?
Maybe you could try to do a pilot chapter for fun, totally character-driven... I was told during a comic workshop with an experienced comic artist to never start with the first chapter but actually start on chapter 2- that way its easier to draw the art more consistent than if it started from chapter 1... Not tried it yet, but will do next comic story. If you start at a comic about 5 pages long, then you can stretch the next 'chapter' after how much you feel is needed. Btw if you dont already know- If you're around a library i recommend the Stan lee's how to write comic-book. Its going through the stages of making a comicbook as a writer. Research is the best part of comic making imo! :D
Oh man, he's just so prepared....He dont strike me as the guy who leaves console battles up to fate by chunking down random buttons, to say the least. XD
@kidcthulhu: or at least you could do the story and take your time with it. Once its published you get the weight on your shoulders with having to update it and such and whatever obsticles you'll encounter on the way will just add stress, so its better to be mindful and work hard on the story before any audience sees it or before you start drawing it out. Its at least what i'm doing.
Hey this looks pretty good!
You could always do comics and see where it goes without putting them up online yet?
Oh dear.
I almost expected him to ask her to "go back to the kitchen and whip him up some curry", though 'show me your tits' works well as for how to not treat women.
@kidcthulhu: Indeed I do, I meant whatever follows after these
I know Daft Punk and Deadmau5 but never heard of the other ones. Looking forward for this party arc :D
Ohh this is cute, I hope you do more when you got energy for it <3 Remember to take a break too though.
For some reason, them still not being sure makes them even cuter together. Aaarg im conflicted, lesbian ex lover reunion or this cutiepie?
Haha whatttt, if this a real thing?XD
Its odd, it shouldnt be nessecary to tell people you're trans but i get why some do it.... Sometimes out of fear of what could happen if they were outted and the person in the other end didnt take it well.
I know people in my circle who i've been told are trans (by their close friends) but never really felt like ask much about it as its really not that important, unless they talk about it themselves i wont mention it.
I feel like Hallgrimur and My could easily been one of the maincasts because of how wacky you portray them haha! You managed to give them their own little thing by making My the normal one and Hall being a wuzz/weirdo. I could sort of see him being scared of madness, so its totally canon. Its just fun to see it in your style, it gets a bit different. I would just draw him obviously high out of his mind and point at him like some sort of alien ape from outer space.
Also may I add how much I love how you actually drew My smiling!
I've yet to draw her smile, unless you count in her evil smiles I guess.
I wonder how the different versions of Pearl alternative universe looks like! xD
I imagine Pearl would work well as a vikinggirl.
That third panel will haunt me forever, I mean he didnt turn out so creepy in the sketch wtf?!