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@ashtree-house: He tried that once.....Once.
How can Snuffles help with this situation?
LOL Sundance's face when she sees the zombie.
Its like 'oh shit what did i do?'
haha okaaay a universe of Buck. Damn....
It sounds like a great place to be. XD
@ashtree-house: i think it would be more a benefit than anything. Imagine if you wanted something from the mall but instead of walking all the way to only realise its sold out, you sense it already while sitting in your comfortable chair at home xD
I knew he loved The room but FAVORITE MOVIE?!
I wish I had a friend like Buck :'(
ok i really love these guyyyyyssss!
@Karlijn: Yeah. I dont see any excuse for a 15 year old boy to have those kind of views to this date, they're born into a multi sexuality society and most kids today are totally okays with this. It seemed reaaaally forced like he was just trying to be cool in front of his friend. What bugs me is if this was someone else it would probably hurt so much more. I'm bi and ace but i've never really had much threats as a lgbt person myself besides maybe occasionally online. I know most who've experienced more heavy injustice being an lgbt-person wouldnt appreciate being called a "filthy f*g" by strangers to this date. Sadly there is still idiots out there but i didnt expect them so young.
@Karlijn: Often making alot of side characters can be a potential plot-boost too. I mean the character you thought the least of when you start out might end up being in the main cast later if you get a good idea for them.
Its basically how 90% of my stories turn out lol
@Karlijn: lol no problem, i was actually also sort of inspired by unprovokingly being verbally attacked here the other day for wearing a pridebag. I honestly just wore a bag and some teenage boys started yelling slurs at me. o_o I've never felt so proud to ignore anyone my entire life, like i was just flashing my pride bag in their face and thinking how pathethic is that even! Ill give them 2 years and they'll probably be part of the parade themselves.
@Karlijn: I want that too but those font-apps are so expensive, you could just do a trace like I do. Find a font that's close to your handwriting and use it to keep the letters neat. Handwriting takes time it would definately been better with a own-made one but oh well.
@Jamie59: That might be, Morgan seem like the type who could easily be a cheap little nag when it come to any expenses.
@kidcthulhu: Usually that's the case here too, but i use a font underneath and 'trace' it freely to keep the letters clean. My handwriting is absolutely horrifying lol
Oh love this page, both the art and colors looks extra spicey!
Its not odd having favorite characters among ones own character base, i mean, you made them after all and you know what you like XD
New chapter taking off where we left, with alot of drama. At least our bunny girl is doing an effort in saving people- no thanks to Snuffles and whoever he's talking with!
But I guess being a psychic and checking out the wreck from a safe distance is hard work too.

Im going to try keep up handwriting all text from now on like Dadaph does with DIS, it just looks alot better this way. I dont know, Is it hard to read?
@kidcthulhu: it reminds me of that one Rick and Morty episode with the love potion thats gone very wrong haha. I look forward to see whats going to happen >:3
ohhhh so tomomi breaks up with him in a paralell dimention and then he goes back into this one to get them back! XD damn thats sort of complex but also a great idea if he just killed the actual buck of this dimention right away before anyone noticed.
@Karlijn: Awesome, i didnt know you were on fb!
Do you have any art page on facebook as well?
Ugh the feeling of being clean then jumping into dirty clothes..... Shudder!
I guess finding corpses laying around that has been spying on you is pretty bad too.
Since its pridemonth I did this which was inspired after reciving a little cameo earlier on in Another love song, and i wanted to do a cute drawing of aswell!
Ironically I forgot my own characters tattoos xD
absolutely recommend checking another love song out its a cute lgbt story.

The next chapter will start next week, its summer and school is over so i hope for more than one update per week from now.