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Maybe these two should consider dating? :p they seem like married already.
For some reason this entire thing reminds me a bit of Birdman in Rick and Morty, not sure if you've seen it, but they live basically in a universe with characters that 'looks and acts' like a different species and alien race, but still sort of hangs out with humans- making hilarious outcomes.
Haha awww, I feel you Birdy
This will NOT end well XD or will it....
Drunk Logan-shenanigans incoming!
@kidcthulhu: Haha yeah I know ^^, I just like make it a habbit to tell when I step down on pages. Glad you like this page, now you might know who Helga is XD She'll reappear in a few pages. Its easy to forget readers whos not familiar with the story don't know things like 'oh thats a captain' when i dont state it is etc. Again, comic progress in webcomics are so slow. Had people freak out on pages before because they left a cliffhanger and it got misunderstood. >_<'
Liker effekten i bakgrunnen som gjør at himmelen ser arktisk ut.
Snåsamannen er en drittsekk!
Vi er tom for burgere, jeg lager tako
For whoever don't know:
J.A.M.E.S is the name of the computer system, an AI made by Blaze which also runs most of the ship. I mean all sci fi stories has a talking computer, right?
Sort of a HAL 900, but he's also their coffee/tea machine, the cantina stove, Laras robotic cat and the ships security cameras.

Ill probably end up updating this once a week instead of twice, I'm starting school in a bit over a weeks time and Ill probably have alot of projects.
I am going to try to sneak in a few pages here and there, right now I'm not 100% sure how the schedule will be.
I'll put up the next page this weekend then I guess every friday/or saturday from next week on.
@rougey: Not sure if they're free, though, since she ordered them for the 3 of them. Crys doesnt even care at this point though.
Being single hanging out with friends that date which decides to go home early to fight or whatever, is not exactly what she had in mind.
@kidcthulhu: It gets explained, I should maybe added 'captain Helga' to clear that up. Ill fix it tomorrow. >_<
Helga is the new captain of Septiocon, Morgan got downgraded (Gee wonder why!) to her underling, it gets explained in a few pages ^^' its sort of hard sometimes since you can only add one and one page, there's always going to be some lose threads. Though this one could've been explained if i just added captain >_<
@kidcthulhu: He got bit by one, one cold winter night, at dawn, in broad daylight... And it was summer.

Thank you ^_^, I've been wanting to draw more of it, but been so uninspired lately to do comics at all. But switching between these two is good, I notice there's small things with GMMW I still get some practice on, while Extinct is more my 'draw whatever fuck gets into your head' comic. Its a bit hard to get back into the GMMW style, probably need a few pages to adjust.
August 13th, 2017
LOL. 'I am, I am' basically couldnt been a better way to end that page.
The sensoring square was a bit tiny in the fourth panel...Does that mean some things stay small? :p
We've all been there, Crys.
Zen went full tooth mode, drawn too many snaggy-toothed aliens so my humans start to look like them :p
Aaand every story starts out with your partner being in distress, of course!
If I could change the terrakin design I'd totally ditch the tail, its really dumb, but got to stick with it now and I guess it adds some sort of charm and possibilities for cat-puns....
@rougey: totally get you haha, doing the same, but its super good practice. I can recommend this page its super good since you can draw from every second of a pose. You get more familiar with the movement of the body. If not there's alot of good poses/references on I usually try get down a few quick 1 minute poses a day but cant always be bothered, but its great practice.
@Dadaph: LOL omg there you see how good i am with those names. You've explained this two thousand times. Whats the red haired guys name then! D:
@Fruitbat44: ye i know, just joked about maybe it has to do with the plot, maybe she's the devil and that's a huge plottwist, but doubt so, but you never know :O
Wow Lucifr is such a funny thing to write on her car.... I hope that's not where this goes though XD
I love how all the girls in this comic read yuri things xD
I wonder where this is going, no seriously, she learns how to fight... Means there will be fighting, yes?