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@kidcthulhu: Hm my scanner also copies my blue, I edit it out in photoshop. Do you use photoshop then its easy to remove it? I can help you out if you want to on PM :)
Also -thank you! I think its the first time i've dared to use shadows. We've barely looked into shadows at the art school but i felt the entire room was so bland. Needed it to look clean and clinical since it is a emergency room/office sort of thing. ^^'
Awwwwww this is so cute, love the teacher and her style. I got a outfit like that too :D skirts with high waste/flowy ones are so nice.
Lovely expressions and your backgrounds/watercolor texture looks amazing. Do you use aquarelle paper or do you use something else? My boyfriend was looking over my shoulder the other day and commenting your cool coloring style as well.
@skyangel: So true about the anatomy thing. Thank you so much, i really appreciate your insight. Im really glad you like it :D
I feel a bit like Sarah in your story while she is in art college, ironically the stereotypes in her college is so spot on. I often am a introvert person so i rather sit and draw than to be in a crowd talking. I even have her hair and glasses, could easily cosplayed her! :p

And now i feel extra bad since its still colors to do on this page and had absolutely zero time. I'm going to work on it in the weekend+new page so it wont be that long :) working faster now after i went from digital to traditional.
@skyangel: I have been both the person with intense rambling and the person who get lost half way by it. Mostly I am the person who get lost. I know exactly what topics usually get me rambling; comics. Especially making them. So I try to say things as simple as possible haha.
Im sorry your dad is like that, my mom was like that too she didnt always really listen and i remember how annoying/hurt i was at times. Especially sucks when it is a parent since they're supposed to listen and be interested :/
September 19th, 2017
Thank you. It was such a pain to make this page work haha. Dialogue pages are so boring to draw but one tend to learn how to be more creative to make it more fun. It easily gets alot of talking heads. At least in the start up of a important plot build up
Move...I'd say HUGE MOVE on Sarahs account.
So wait, so Laura is his daughter then? I thought this would be a dream thing... But that makes this reaaaaally f'ed up.
(Like- it was bad before
@Dadaph: XD LOL
@kidcthulhu: I know.... I love the ginger beard guy. :'(
Embla has some pretty hardcore trauma to recover from...
*cartman voice* nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
September 16th, 2017
Did not see this coming xD
I really like the idea... A rock band of gods...Have a great weekend too, Kidcthulu!
September 16th, 2017
I really like her eyes. She's super pretty and seem smart too.
Thumbs up for cute lightning girl.
This is a great way of getting attention... Uhm... I mean.... what. O_O'
Curious where this arc leads though!
September 16th, 2017
I love how comfortable he is talking to Brian like that, I mean sure he's drunk but their relationship has always been pretty honest. They're shitty to each other, never admit how they feel (well Brian did, but I mean, he's still sort of trying to act all cool and stuff), still they end up hanging out and falling in love haha. Any other person would've kicked the kid out of the car ages ago.
September 16th, 2017
Edit: finally colors!

There is about 3 days between the first panel and the other ones... I've had unmedicated adhd my entire life and finally started getting treatment for it, the meds helps ALOT. Before I used to fall off after about an hour into drawing and rush things. Now I can sit and do tiny details and it feels like my hand has become more steady too. Drawing was almost a chore earlier but i've learned so many new things in art school. I definately think learning to draw life drawings and draw real humans have helped. Drawing comic-style only helps for a while but it was a dead end for me. Had a few hard but fun weeks with drawing classes. Still a few more weeks ahead. I'm in heaven.
Ah no, its the reaction of getting his wrists wrapped after Lara fractured them a page earlier!
LOL Lucys dumb joke. Its one of the few things I missed about her which has maybe been unappropriate to show during most of this arc considering the circumstances.... and it is also one of the first things we got to know her for when she was introduced- her silly humour.
Technically speaking here, Lara is actually the fighter and Blaze is the brain here. Despite physically it would state otherwise. Blaze has so far shown he's absolutely useless in fighting... Even if he's super strong he doesnt really use this to his advantage,
however he still remembers how to fight- which I guess comes in handy for Lara who needs all sort of help she can get defending herself in the big scary world of mean alien people.
In this case for Lara- I mean, come on! Going to a deserted planet all by yourself with tentacle monsters... What can go wrong here?!

ps. this is redicilously turning into tentacle porn scenario but i promise it wont be any sort of tentacle porn here....i know there's some whos into that though sorry to dissapoint.
September 7th, 2017
@kidcthulhu: Ah ok. I've never heard it before, though im not from US... NOR do i speak much politics XD i mainly know Trump from his horrible tv shows...and now, south park...
Im glad the rude introvert girl finally found something in common with Birdy. Hopefully they will keep bonding....!
Living with roommates you cant get along with sucks...
September 7th, 2017
@kidcthulhu: ah i see, maybe if his eyes were a tad smaller it would look more like dots?
If that was the intention that is....
Still, you did manage to draw him in a different style, he really sticks out.