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Born and raised by vikings.
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@kidcthulhu: Thank you! I did the Hall-drawing yesterday on the new device so its a bit fresher than the older art, sadly the idea of re-doing their character-art came AFTER Liz was published.
With 100 characters that does indeed sound like a real challenge haha. I wont do all the characters either, just the 5 new ones.
Besides regarding bios, its not that interesting to read about characters this way for a reader, they prefer to see their stories 'in action' and be explained visually, not a wall of text. You explain yours through out the comic so its not really that needed. I might cut down the text on the next ones with this in mind, actually :)
@TheLezbian monkey: Aye, Haven is definetly not being the innocent one in this for sure! She's a character full of flaws and hypocrissy at worst! She's not intentionally cruel though. At the start it can be a few confusions and misprounounces at hand, but after a while if the person still dont care to correct it they're just imbeciles.
Hall spent half of his life in Reykjavik, but moved to Oslo in Norway to study at KHIO (University). There he got kicked out after being caught smoking weed.
His mother refuse to have him back home until he got his life together and grew up- which still remains to happen to this day.
The only reason Hall owns his own diner is because he inherited a sum of cash from a relative- its speculated that if it werent for that fact, he'd be living on the street.
He spends all his cash on weed and beer and don't care much of personal hygiene- his hair is part-dreadlocks, because he never brushes it. He's in general considered a horrible boss because of his lack of managing skills- most of the time the diner is run by his much younger employees. Hall is known to lie, steal on some occasions and is unable to form any sort of romantic relationship because he gets bored too fast or scared because of the commitment. The only thing Hall has had any apparant emotional bond to is his deceased dog Bozzu.
Haha trueee. The name has a point in there somewhere though. Its inspired by an activist movement from the late 18 century of painters, writers and artists that used to hang out and preach about stuff lile marriage being unnatural? That love should be free for everyone etc. They were under the name "the christiania boheme " so I had to make a spin to it.... it will make sense in a couple of pages.
While waiting I'm going to add a few pages of the character-bios and tiny background-stories in here the next weeks, ill move them to their own chapter at the start when we continue the story where it left off (at page 12 because I had to pre-finish 12 pages). I cant say a certain date but I'm pretty certain i got a few pages done by new year :)

Liz is one of the workers of Ghetto Baguette-
She's a student taking language courses on high school level but keep flunking them because she don't care enough about her grades.
Her mother runs a business specializing in vintage clothing, and Liz inheriated that interest- however she's too lazy to actually become a tailorer herself. Liz has a different vision- she wants to be a dancer! But she also lacks the motivation to be one.
Liz met Hall out on a pub and got the job contract out of him while drunk, he didnt care to ask who she was and why she was cooking in his diner before a week had passed.
Hope they'lll take her kid-self serious though!
.....For some reason, makes one feel weirdly grateful for not having this problem....
Hahaha oh man, if I had a go on writing a guestarc for this comicstory it would be Urania-AT BLACK FRIDAY. I can imagine her bad-assery going through the lumps of people to get to the last pair of limited-edition underwear at Victorias Secret or something (or jewery, im not sure what urania likes to go shop after). Maybe there's a small fanart or guest-strip idea coming up sometime XD
Happy late thanksgiving!
Burning the turkey sounds like it could be a tradition too. xD
Awww so now she's a sassy little kid-robot :D
Love her little bow. What a funny turn of events.
No idea how lesbianism is portrayed in their school, but considering there seem to be a tradition of judgemental snotty people going to there i can see how this is legitimately a problem on ones reputation, espesically when in a wealthy family.
@Luca the gay agender: Aye we saw alot of modern stuff... Im sad i didnt get to see the street-art scene though. There's so much art in Berlin but there's only so much time you can spend there! :(
I recommend if you're going there to bring an empty suitcase though, its an art store there with 2 or 3 floors worth of art stuff.
@Luca the gay agender: Inspirational 'hardly working' manager attitude! xD
@Luca the gay agender: Thanks lol i tried to go a bit nuts in this comic.
November 13th, 2018
@Luca the gay agender: Luca is prettyyyy though, usually spelled Luka i think?
Reminds me of that song called Luka.
A guy in my elementary class was named Lukas and ive always loved that name.
As for the horsies they look nice, you've simplified them but we can still see its meant to be horses and not something else. If they looked like dogs it would maybe be more of an issue lol
@Luca the gay agender: Hahahaha! Its strange how a tiny thing like a drawing of a bus seat can make such a memory of something pop up. Its just something you usually frown upon while approaching it but then you sort of forget it until it shows up again (oh damnit there are the bus seats again, oh well).
What I meant was possibly you captured the entire bus seat situation very well visually, with the textiles and everything and they look equally uncomfortable to fit on. To provoke a feeling or memory or even mood in the audience like that based purely on visuals takes alot of skills to be honest. You probably didnt think much through it but theres tons of ways you could drawn those bus seats to make them appear more comfortable (which would be a lie!). Not sure if you used references on them or were just lucky with how they turned out haha.
Scary arc, a very realistic take on 'halloween' story.
Very nice job on the writing on this one! (And art of course but you're picking up a pretty important subject with drugs and partying, im glad it didnt go further though!).
Aiii she needed a lift.... Sort of answered my previous question lol.
Poor Birdy.
Question: Why didn't she just leave earlier? Did they lock the door?
Or did she stay in hope to put an end to the party to prevent others to be taken advantage of?
November 10th, 2018
The boys keeps on swarming around them like sharks. :(