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Born and raised by vikings.
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@kidcthulhu: thank you!
I still got to work on my timing on punchlines though :p
Its fun to see how it just develop from first page to this, the first was the one with Hall asking Haven for life advice and it was so wacky compared.
I think this is the first and possibly last time I'll draw Hallgrimur this mad.
Because i'm scared............ :|
@Luca+: Haha yeah the girls are pretty clever. Honestly he painted the windows with white paint the day before so he started it!
Glad you noticed Elle's change of attitude XD
@kidcthulhu: Haha it did turn this strip extra spicy.
Sorry I havent gotten to update, its been a busy week, here's the next part of 'The meeting'.
@kidcthulhu: Thank you! ^_^
I write better english than norwegian, So i'm basically your workmates in a way. I write norwenglish-type of grammar, i just recently started to write norwegian comics and had alot of people having to check my sentences for odd setups.
Sometimes I wish I could do everything in english, because its what im used to. Heck, i wouldnt mind having presentations in english.
I still occasionally struggle with typos and sentences though.
My dad works in the building industry with people from poland and has taught this odd english from them.... He has this weird combo of danish, norwegian, english, polish accent haha.
I feel so bad for Elle here, with her cute 'everyone is good' attitude just to get punched in the face with such a cowardly way to handle a problem.
Though who can blame him, My has a knife and I doubt she'd take a 'no' very well face to face.
Hall has no idea what he has done...THE BEAST HAS AWAKEN!

This page was hard to translate for some reason, it might be just my coffeine withdrawal that made it hard...
So if there's weird grammar let me know :p
@Luca+: Haha saaame, also the thing with Liz holding ikea-catalogue with sparks in eyes....I do that too (Im a interior crazy JUNKIE as a weird-ass interest next to comics). I sit for hours and hours browing interior stuff and clothing even if i barely wear anything but dungarees lately.
February 6th, 2019
She is so sweet!!!!!!!
Glad she has nice family somewhere.
LOL ugh we artsy people get this
@kidcthulhu: woot im glad! ^^
I'll probably be less tight with the english versions than the one i make in norwegian.
Its easy to just re-write cursing into the comic. Maybe not needed all the time, but sometimes it just takes the joke into another level.
Girls and their crazy IDEAS!
Chibi-Elle with her tiny hands and nose in the third panel gives me life though.
Here's our first story arc in strip format, its about 6 pages or so.
I've had to cut out swearing from the comic, so the last panel he's basically swearing under his breath but i illustrated it with just nonsense scribbles. Not sure if it was successfull.

I did an animation earlier today of Elle to test out a program on my ipad pro!
@Luca the gay agender:
LOL ye, i feel especially worried for the mouse about to be stepped on by Haven, though i am sure it got away, they're very devious!
@kidcthulhu: Im glad you like it!!!!!!
I did a few thumbnail versions with something like this before i did the final, wanted to illustrate their personalities in one single strip.
Comic strips vs other formats are different in a way because every joke, every intension must be clear and often simplifying stuff can be reaaaally hard when you're used to draw alot of crazy stuff going on at the same time.
This one was fun to do since i love to draw crazy situations happening at once, so in these they're acceptable.
I like to stare at a picture and discover new things in art, like the Tove Janssons Moomin comics which sometimes have tiny creatures doing stuff off-screen and very detailed illustrations telling alot of tiny tales.
@Luca the gay agender: HAHA!
Ewwwwww, at least dont go to Ghetto Baguette for coffee. Truth is, even the employees there dont drink their coffee. I mean, we see Hall go to Haven/Ahiti for coffee....Enough said! XD
@Luca the gay agender: It could!
Sort of want to do more portal related arcs now:)
@kidcthulhu: haha, yeeup, actually its better also for the images because smackjeeves compress them when i do the other format... But it was much work to change the format around so i dont know if ill stick to this or use the landscape ones again.
Im finally DONE with the comic project so i can do comics again (that sounds very odd but its true).
edit: its supposed to be 'an ineffective' so its a typo.