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Born and raised by vikings.
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Haha whatttt, if this a real thing?XD
Its odd, it shouldnt be nessecary to tell people you're trans but i get why some do it.... Sometimes out of fear of what could happen if they were outted and the person in the other end didnt take it well.
I know people in my circle who i've been told are trans (by their close friends) but never really felt like ask much about it as its really not that important, unless they talk about it themselves i wont mention it.
I feel like Hallgrimur and My could easily been one of the maincasts because of how wacky you portray them haha! You managed to give them their own little thing by making My the normal one and Hall being a wuzz/weirdo. I could sort of see him being scared of madness, so its totally canon. Its just fun to see it in your style, it gets a bit different. I would just draw him obviously high out of his mind and point at him like some sort of alien ape from outer space.
Also may I add how much I love how you actually drew My smiling!
I've yet to draw her smile, unless you count in her evil smiles I guess.
I wonder how the different versions of Pearl alternative universe looks like! xD
I imagine Pearl would work well as a vikinggirl.
That third panel will haunt me forever, I mean he didnt turn out so creepy in the sketch wtf?!
@kidcthulhu: Haha aw yeah! Glad I could help.
You did them all very in-character, Hall being in denial of not being in control of a situation is just how he rolls.
When your day starts off in grayscale and with the tender sound of jingle bells in the air, that would only mean one thing...:

An aprils-fool switcheru with kidcthulhu.
He seems nice but i got a feeling the ex wont let this ship sail easily
@kidcthulhu: Oh defintely, i think ''Call it a day'' is really off in norwegian. It would translate badly to 'lets ring it some day' or something weird like that. Or you can say 'call' as 'kalle', making it 'la oss kalle det en dag'' but it sort of dont make sense. I'm sure there's a norwegian 'version' of it though, im just completely lost when it comes to remember any.
There's this other comic by a norwegian artist using that sentence poking fun in it, oh accidental racism- you'll have to copy the url to your searchbar and remove the spacing where it breaks the text as smackjeeves breaks links for some reason. ea6c18dlaptop.jpg
March 31st, 2019
What a absolute beautiful page. Love the snow effects.
March 31st, 2019
Oh god just...Why! I feel with them so badly.
This is just too realistic for me! LOL.
Let me explain the title, its a rhyme in norwegian but in english it sounds basically absurd, which is why this is our title.

Ive never been a pizza delivery person, apart from knowing people who has been, but holy shit i think i'd gone mad.

edit: cant help but see the style has changed a bit lol, damnit! What happens when you go on a 2 month holiday.
Dont know whyyy but Cassie has always been sort one of my favorites, she's like me when I was 17 :D
@kidcthulhu: Ahh man i think ive seen that movie i just dont remember... I saw so many movies like that back in the days its hard to keep track of them.
Aw he's cute without the douchy glasses :D
Godfather-Buck huh, things arent looking too good for Buck Prime.
OMG its a Umbrella Academy-Buck! XD (im guessing you just went for superhero buck but if you google the name up and look as pictures its pretty similar with the facemask).
Love the viking version of him too with stereotypic horns and all. Brilliant.
At least Val did as told, and didn't go all Hal 9000 on him. That could've worked as a second plot though we like Val too much for her to get hurt if it went down that path :(
Haha he really must love peanutt butter to go to an entire convention dedicated to it!
I crave it occasionally myself but it gets sickening after a while. I use strawberryjam on it to make it less rich.
@kidcthulhu: She did get a bit of a redesign back when I did these. She's supposed to be a bit plump and stocky, and her nose has grown a bit... She has a half cuban mother and i wanted to make it reflect her more appearancewise.