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Born and raised by vikings.
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Now we know whos the real boss around
October 14th, 2018
I did a news thing but not sure if people even get those, but im having a break through october to spend it on practicing drawing as well as its a busy month, we're going to Berlin and i'm preparing tons of stuff.
Extinct will resume in november.
Meanwhile I'm updating the pages done for the Egmont contest about twice a week up til then, you can find it here

This comic will probably update every now and then, since i like switch work every now and then.
Its interesting to have the Boheme comic with references right outside my door and it is placed in a realistic-ish setting, while Extinct is harder since ill have to find references and do research with things that doesn't extist at all so it definately is more imagination-heavy.
Maybe ill pop some halloween art here soon, too.
See you in November!
Yap! Maybe hard to recognize in this stylem And since this is about a year after the last page of gmmw the old cast had some life progress too ^-^
Reminds me of 'THE BLOB' or something, that old horror movie with the...Thing..with teeth. *Shudder*.
Oh dear anything can be horrifying if you add teeth to it.
Its ironic because this page was the most boring one but then I did a change which made it one of my favorites character wise at least. Its maybe the fact Hall went through all this trouble just to hire Elle just to be able to slease his way out of having to wake up in the morning that did it.
Sjàumst is icelandic for 'see you', if i got that correct. Im too bashfull to ask those icelandic people i know haha.
If its not do please correct me.
Short haired girls! The cutest!
She did a good job with her hair. Even when drawn she still looks so much more glowing with her hair short.
@kidcthulhu: Hi Kid thank you, well you've been helping me with the start so its fun to see you reading the final thing haha.
I remember you said 'why not merge extinct and this new idea' and it sort of is, with the paranormal theme. That's thanks to you!

Regarding the bear thing i guess its like a thing everywhere? maybe? it makes sense though haha.
Also its Haven indeed, and Zen to the left!
Ahiti is actually almost directly cross Ghetto Baguette (the diner they work at).
Fishlady is their neighbour.
Keep those red flags coming.
-And hunky policemen!
October 7th, 2018
And it gets worse from here haha.
Maybe the lizard people arent as bad when they get to know them....
Lovely coloring in this comic and the format is really nice- being able to see the entire page without having to scroll down.
October 7th, 2018
lol I was thinking ''the only thing that would make this worse would be if the guy is a jerk...'' and damn this is not looking good.
October 7th, 2018
Oh damn that's dramatic.
Note to self though-Slippery sandals is not the best footwear for a cruiseship that's on its way down
HAHA at least they're not couch potatoes!
This joke is a bit hard to understand unless you're familiar with the gay communities 'bear clubs'. Usually exists of hairy cuddly bear-guys seeking other cuddly bears.
I remember seeing their stands in pride park every year thinking how cute their name is.
I should make you one of fishladys interns lol.
But yeah you could definately sign for fishladys protest here... But the ironic part like some pointed out is instead of making people aware that fish is 'BAD' to eat, she's basically giving them free advertising by dressing like a delicious piece of sushi.
This is based on a real thing, close to Bogstadveien there is an abandoned metro called Valkyrien plass- it hasnt really been anything stating it being haunted.
Haha gay haircut. Cutting your hair short is a wonderful feeling! Just hope her hair will look good xD
Ill just sit here with my salmon lies I guess
@kidcthulhu: Yes I thought I add up a new page instead of spamming this one. Though technically I could just used this comic....
But honestly I think its better to keep seperate, since this comic ended with Crystal going to the club and cut short, but she'll appear in the new one too ^^
September 29th, 2018
Why is Nikki so damn adorable, she's like the perfect friend!
Deserves so much credit for that... Love the body language in these pages, its the small things they do with their hands that is really fasinating.
September 29th, 2018
@kidcthulhu: It reminds me of that video of a woman who got her neighbours name wrong for 15 years. Its viral on the internet but not sure if you've seen it. Its crazy how long one can go without knowing how to say it correctly.
I mean, hopefully all do that at some point and not just me ;_;